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Community offices


Community of Anavra

Tel: +30 22320 91210, 91382, Fax: +30 22320 91030

Community of Keramidi

Tel: +30 24280 73752


Community of Makrinitsa

Tel: +30 24280 99140, 99150, Fax: +30 24280 99140


Community of Trikeri

Tel: +30 24230 91223, 91100, Fax: +30 24230 91223

Municipalities' district offices


Achillio Community

Tel: +30 24220 92165

Aerino Community

Tel: +30 24250 22619

Agia Triada Community

Tel: +30 24220 31367

Agii Theodori Community

Tel: +30 24220 92289

Agios Dimitrios Community of Pilio

Tel: +30 24260 31204, 31205, Fax: +30 24260 31205

Agios Dimitrios is a scenic village that extends along a fully green slope to the sea. Its name comes from an old monastery that gave its place to the majestic metropolitan temple. Several chapels with remarkable wall fresco' and temples are scattered all over the green landscape of the village: Agios Ioannis Theologos, Agios Georgios, Virgin Mary (Panagia), and Sotiros chapel on the homonymous square. The village evolves into a holiday resort with remarkable tourist infrastructure that grows continuously. Following the well-preserved cobbled paths, one reaches the beach resort of Agios Ioannis.

Agios Georgios Community

Tel: +30 24250 22491

Agios Georgios Nilias Community

Tel: +30 24280 93100

Agios Ioannis Community

Tel: +30 24220 94292

Agios Lavrentios Community

Tel: +30 24280 96200

AGRIA (Small town) VOLOS


Aidinio Community

Tel: +30 24220 51224


Alli Meria Community

Tel: +30 24280 46414

Alli Meria is the first municipal compartment the visitor meets entering the Municipality of Portaria. It is a village built in the traditional form, attracting many new residents who dream of finding a peaceful home in beautiful surroundings. The vegetation is lush and the village is built on the bank of the historical waterfall Anavros, with a beautiful view on the Pagassitikos bay and the urban complex of Volos.

Almyros Community

  We can trace the history of contemporary Almyros back to ancient Alos, home of Achilles, near the site Kefalosi; it was moved to its present location after suffering repeated raids by pirates.
  In the Archaeological Museum the visitor can admire stone carvings, reliefs, inscriptions, as well as artifacts from the Mycenean, Geometric, Classical and Hellenistic periods, up until the age of the Roman Empire. A short distance form Almyros are the remains of ancient Alos and the Kouri forest, covering an area of 1,100 hectares with artificial lakes, various kinds of animals and a miniature train, which takes visitors on a tour in the forest.
  Setting out form Almyros one can visit the Monastery of the Dormition, Upper Xenias, 600 metres up in the Othris mountains, and admire the superb frescoes and carved wooden screen dating from the 16th century, before enjoying a walk on the Othris mountains and through the are of Zirelia, natural habitat of many aquatic species. The Forestry Department office at Almyros supplies maps of planned walking routs and the Climbers Club of Almyros will provide any information you need about climbing and mountain walks. A short distance from the town are the beaches of Almyros, Euxeinoupolis and Platanos, where you can swim and enjoy the appetizers in one of the beautiful little tavernas. Two of the year's high spots in the region are the Euxeinoupolis carnival and the fish evening on Almyros beach, organized every June.
This text (extract) is cited November 2003 from the GNTO - Region of Thessaly - Prefecture of Magnesia - Magnesia Prefecture Tourism Committee tourist pamphlet.

Amaliapoli Community

Tel: +30 24220 91246

  Surrounded by dense pine and olive groves, 58 kilometers from Volos, the fishing village of Amaliapolis is beautifully laid out in a natural amphitheatre.
  It has two natural harbors, one of them sheltered by the little island of Kikynthos, home to the picturesque little church of Agios Nikolaos, built by the people of Trikeri in 1805. The village has an unbroken history dating back to medieval times.
  The visitor will enjoy his holiday in immaculate hotels or rented accommodation, he will taste the village's traditional fish appetizers and visit the new monastery of Panayia Xenia. He can also sail by caique to enjoy the delights of the sea at Pagasitikos, the Northern Sporades and Evoia. Just 8 kilometers from Amaliapolis lies Sourpi and the beach of Nies, the ancient port of the Myrmidons, from where Achilles set out to the Trojan War. A picturesque beach for swimming and fishing.
This text (extract) is cited November 2003 from the GNTO - Region of Thessaly - Prefecture of Magnesia - Magnesia Prefecture Tourism Committee tourist pamphlet.

Anilio Community

Tel: +30 24260 31328, Fax: +30 24260 31328

Anilio village is the entry point of Mouresi municipality for the visitor that follows the mountain road via Chania peak. Hidden behind a slope, the village probably got its name "because in winter the sun almost never catches it". (An-Ilio: where "Ilios" is "sun" in Greek)
  Being a visitor in Anilio you should visit the small, scenic square where the church of Agios Athanassios is located, a great ecclesiastic monument with one of the best Baroque wood-engraved temples in Pelion area. Anilio is also a place where a number of other well-known monasteries thrived during past times (Holly Mary admittance, Agios Haralambos, The holly cross, Holly trinity).
  According to local tradition, at the lower part of the village there used to be the ancient city Achilleio, founded by Homer?s hero "Achilles" himself. Centaur "Cheiron", the master of Achilles and Hercules, used to rest inside the big cave located at the coast of "Banikas"!
  Another beautiful beach with crystal clear waters and rich flora touching the edge of the sand, is Plaka beach. Besides the tourist services, great credit is given to the local women?s agricultural cooperative, which promotes the land through traditional homemade fruit-sweets and drinks.

Anthotopos Community

Tel: +30 24220 93300


Drakia Community

Tel: +30 24280 96000


Drymonas Community

Tel: +30 24220 31561


Fylaki Community

Tel: +30 24220 25629


Glossa Community

Tel: +30 24240 33502

Kala Nera Community

Tel: +30 24230 22200

Kalamaki Community

Tel: +30 24230 55219

Kanalia Community

Tel: +30 24280 73430, 73343


Katochori Community

Tel: +30 24280 99101

  Katihori lies in the southeast part of the Municipality of Portaria. Is is picturesque village with rich vegetation, which has preserved its traditional aspect.
  As in the other compartments, here also the population cultivates olive and apple trees, vegetables and vineyards of excellent quality, a fact which has allowed the local population over the years to develop the production of wine and tsipouro. Nowadays there are not many vineyards left, and the wine production is limited to a small number of cultivators, who however still follow the traditional methods, which guarantee the excellent quality of the product. A number of farmers continue production, but the largest percentage of the product is consumed locally. In recent years olive cultivation has spread widely. The farming area of the village is one of the largest in Pelion, with thousands of olive-trees, which produce thousands of tons of oil, part of which is given to the Unions and commerce for edible use, while the largest part of the production goes to the oil- press, where large quantities of excellent quality oil is produced. Some producers make small quantities of «unburnt» oil, which is considered by the older generation as a medicine for various health problems (stomach, liver, etc.).
  An Agricultural Assocation has been functioning for many years, which mainly aims at supporting the farmers work. The Association provides pesticides, is responsible for spraying the crops, and paying the producers from various business transactions with the Pelion Union.

Kerasia Community

Tel: +30 24280 73460

Kissos Community

The highest located village of East Pelion, uniquely scenic, buried amongst the wild and domestic flora of a breathtaking landscape, stands hidden away from the sight of the unaware. Agia Marina Basilica church, a remarkable monument that stands beside the homonymous square of equivalent beauty, marks the villages? past time financial growth. It is known to be of the best and most representative ecclesiastic monuments of Pelion Mount. The famous church that was recently restored is decorated since the second half of 18th century with the best wood-engraved gold-plated temple found around Pelion Mountain?s churches. It also contains numerous Byzantine icons of great artistic value. The church of Agia Marina, hosts in one of its side rooms the local ecclesiastic museum, to which one can see old ecclesiastic scriptures and icons.
  Other ecclesiastic monuments of interest include the Agios Efstathios chapel found higher on the hills of Kissos and Agios Constantinos? old temple in Mavroutsa area. Being a visitor in Kissos you will be satisfied not only by the area sights and monuments, but also by the first class tourist services of the local market.


Kofi Community

Tel: +30 24220 25355


Kokoti Community

Tel: +30 24220 23802


Kroki Community

Tel: +30 24220 21181

Labinou Community

Tel: +30 24230 55110

Makryrrachi Community

Tel: +30 24260 31343

Metochi Community

Tel: +30 24230 54313

Mikro Perivolaki Community

Tel: +30 24250 23020


Mikrothives Community

Tel: +30 24220 51213

Milina Community

Tel: +30 24230 65555

Mouressi Community

Mouresi, a widely spread structured village built into a sea of green, is a wonderful and especially prosperous village with a remarkable view to not only the Aegean Sea but also to the nearby villages (Agios Dimitrios - Agios Ioannis, Kissos). It has a lot to demonstrate to the visitor, including a wonderful square with magnificent view that is shaded by three giant trees, being also a place where one can find the metropolitan temple of Agia Triada (Holly Trinity).
  The visitor should also not neglect to visit Damouhari area, a place remarkably scenic and of a wild beauty. Damouhari beach is separated into two halves being divided by a peninsula that reaches the sea: the "old Damouhari", a nice pebbled beach and "new Damouhari" a small natural bay -unique in Pelion- historically known as a port of trade during past times. The ruins of an old castle of the middle ages , which stands on the peninsula's hill, and the remarkable old chapel of Agios Nikolaos, are the area's only monuments. One of the "must go to" beaches that one should not miss is the one called "Papa Nero" regarded by some as one of the most wonderful beaches in whole Greece! Mouresi village in all it's length is a place where one can find cosy, hospitable accommodation at hotels, delicious local food and spirits at the tavernas, and wonderful flowers within the pots of each village home.


Nea Agchialos Community

  One of the major towns of the region. Anchialos means the city by the sea. Its well known for its beautiful black sand beach, picturesque port, pine-clad hill (the citadel of the ancient Pyrasos) and archaeological remains.
  There are sites of archaeological interest all around the town: the remains of both secular buildings and early Christian churches with extremely fine mosaics.
  Near Nea Anchialos is situated one of the two airports of the region. The tourist infrastructure (hotels, rented accommodation, transport, small conference facilities) guarantees the visitor a pleasant, relaxing holiday. Picturesque seaside sites like Kritharia, Marathos, Agios Georgios Kinigon, Megali Valanidia and Dimitriada are ideal for short excursions to complement the cultural activities taking place all year round and culminating in the wine festival at the end of July or beginning of August, where free wine is offered by the Dimitra Agricultural Collective, one of the biggest wine producers in Greece.
This text (extract) is cited November 2003 from the GNTO - Region of Thessaly - Prefecture of Magnesia - Magnesia Prefecture Tourism Committee tourist pamphlet.

Klima Community

Tel: +30 24240 33689


Tel: +30 24250 51210

Pinakates Community

Tel: +30 24230 86740


Platanos Community

Tel: +30 24220 21918


Portaria Community

  Queen of Pelion, the beautiful village of Portaria, is one of most popular tourist resorts in Greece. It is 12 klm distance from Volos and 13 klm from the ski center, combining sea and mountains. It is situated at a height of 650 mtrs. with an exceptional view of the Pagassitikos bay.
  Portaria is one of the most significant tourist resorts in Greece. Visitors admire its natural beauties, like the «Centaurs' path» and the cascade of Karavos, walk along the cobbled streets that are surrounded by yards with flowers in full bloom, enjoy the view over the gulf of Pagassitikos and visit the Byzantine churches and the old monasteries.
  The numerous restored mansions remind you of the past of Portaria. The Athanassakio Kindergarten (one of the first to be established in Greece), the Zoulia Mansion (which operated as a Vocational School for girls), the Tsopotio School (nowadays, the Town hall), are only several of its important monuments.
  Portaria has a rich traditional culture and the Municipality promotes the cultural element organizing events, congresses, meetings and festivals in collaboration with the cultural association «ORMINIO». Suggestively we mention the following annual activities:
•World Day of Dance.
•International Folklore Dance Festival for Children.
•International Folklore Festival.
•Revival of the Pelioritic Wedding.
•Exhibitions - Concerts - Meetings.
  There are many hotels available of every class, traditional hostels, rented rooms, and also restaurants, taverns and other similar establishments, serving the needs of visitors. The women of Portaria have established the Agro-tourist Association, which provides homemade fruit conserves, marmelades, liquors, pastries and culinary specialities.

Pouri Community

Tel: +30 24260 22160

Promyri Community

Tel: +30 24230 71111


Rizomylos Community

Tel: +30 24250 31201


Sesklo Community

Tel: +30 24210 95019


Stagiates Community

Tel: +30 24280 42937

Stagiates is the fourth municipal compartment of the Municipality of Portaria. Is is a small village to the northwest of Portaria, with a rich natural enviroment, where visitors can enjoy the view of Volos and the luscious green of the area. The village of Stagiates owes its fame to for two reasons: the superb waters and the delicious sausages. Nowadays the Municipality of Portaria, in an effort to preserve some of the old traditions, organizes a yearly revival of the sausage tradition, with the Sausage Festival, which takes place in July in the central square of the village.


Syki Community

Tel: +30 24230 54893

Tsagarada Community

Tsagarada, the "sea of green", is the home of Mouresi municipality with significant history. We find it on our way right after Xourihti village as we drive along from Volos town via the coastal road. The village lies on the slopes of the mountain, facing the Aegean Sea and is divided into four sections: Agii Taxiarhes, Agia Paraskevi, Agios Stefanos and Agia Kiriaki. The rich flora that surrounds this place adds numerous sights of natural beauty, which transforms Tsagarada into one of the greatest and most well organized tourist resorts of Pelion with constantly growing fans. Tsagarada is well known to domestic and international tourists for the quality provided within all sections of tourism industry, including hotels and lodgments, selected restaurants, tourist gift shops and art galleries, etc.
  Being a visitor to Tsagarada you should pay a visit to the scenic squares scattered all around the four homonymous sections of the village, each one hosting an old ecclesiastic monument. A rare monument of nature is found within Agia Paraskevi Square, were the 1000-year-old plane tree stands dominating the landscape. Following the traditional cobbled streets, you will pass along old traditional houses, residences of noblemen and stone-built fountains. The wonderful beaches of Tsagarada -"Fakistra" and the worldwide known "Milopotamos"- with crystal clear waters and clean, marble-white tiny pebbles, offer the visitor a unique sense of relaxation and joy never to be forgotten as the surrounding landscapes are truly remarkable!


Vrynena Community

Tel: +30 24220 94245

Vyzitsa Community

Tel: +30 24230 86333

Xorychti Community

Xourichti is located on a green gorge called "Tsounaga" that is the deepest gorge of Pelion. The wilderness of the landscape is truly awesome. The road of snake-sliding-turns from Milies village extends like a curb up to Xourichti, making it the south side entrance of Mouresi municipality.
  "Limnionas" beach is a remarkable and quiet spot of natural beauty, untouched by human intervention. A visitor here will have the privilege of enjoying the glory and beauty of the land and sea.
  Art-oriented visitors should pay a visit to the scenic chapel of "Kimisi tis Theotokou" (Holly Mary's Assumption) dated probably to the 17th century, with interesting late Byzantine paintings and a remarkable wood-engraved temple.
  Nature lovers and fans of walking will find the old, arched, stone-build bridge joining Xourichti with Tsagarada an interesting place to visit.

Xinovryssi Community

Tel: +30 24230 54517



Regional Division of Magnesia

Tel: +30 24210 75555


AGRIA (Small town) VOLOS

Municipality of Agria

Tel: +30 24280 92151, Fax: +30 24280 92352

Almyros Municipality

Tel: +30 24223 50200, 50254

Alonissos Municipality

Tel: +3024243 50201, Fax: +3024240 65207


Municipality of Iolkos

Tel: +30 24210 53500, Fax: +30 24210 53503


Municipality of Artemida

Tel: +30 24280 93207, 93512, 93249, 86995, Fax: +30 24280 93654

Notio Pilio Municipality

Tel: +30 24230 54990, Fax: +30 24230 54313

DIMINI (Small town) VOLOS

Municipality of Essonia

Tel: +30 24210 53601, Fax: +30 24210 53611

Municipality of Sipiada

Tel: +30 24233 50416-7, Fax: +30 24233 (24230) 65065


Municipality of Milies

Tel: +30 24230 86891-2, Fax: +30 24230 86892


Municipality of Nea Aghialos

Tel: +30 24280 78717, Fax: +30 24280 78715


Municipality of Nea Ionia

Tel: +30 24213 53100, Fax: +30 24213 (24210) 68448

Municipality of Afetes

Tel: +30 24230 55450, 55650, Fax: +30 24230 55069


Municipality of Portaria

Tel: +30 24283 50100, Fax: +30 24283 (24280) 99772


Municipality of Pteleos

Tel: +30 24220 41227, 41186, Fax: +30 24220 41861

Skiathos Municipality

Tel: +30 24270 22022, 22240, 23713, Fax: +30 24270 23150

Skopelos Municipality

Tel: +3024243 50101, Fax: +3024240 23230


Municipality of Sourpi

Tel: +30 24220 50300-1, Fax: +30 24220 50330

Municipality of Karla

Tel: +30 24250 50100, Fax: +30 24250 50111

Municipality of Mouressi

Tel: +30 24260 49238, Fax: +30 24260 49793

Rigas Feraios Municipality

Tel: +30 24253 50200

Volos Municipality

Tel: +30 24213 50100, Fax: +30 24213 50175


Zagora Mouresi Municipality

Tel: +3024263 50101, Fax: +3024260 23128

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