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The highest located village of East Pelion, uniquely scenic, buried amongst the wild and domestic flora of a breathtaking landscape, stands hidden away from the sight of the unaware. Agia Marina Basilica church, a remarkable monument that stands beside the homonymous square of equivalent beauty, marks the villages? past time financial growth. It is known to be of the best and most representative ecclesiastic monuments of Pelion Mount. The famous church that was recently restored is decorated since the second half of 18th century with the best wood-engraved gold-plated temple found around Pelion Mountain?s churches. It also contains numerous Byzantine icons of great artistic value. The church of Agia Marina, hosts in one of its side rooms the local ecclesiastic museum, to which one can see old ecclesiastic scriptures and icons.
  Other ecclesiastic monuments of interest include the Agios Efstathios chapel found higher on the hills of Kissos and Agios Constantinos? old temple in Mavroutsa area. Being a visitor in Kissos you will be satisfied not only by the area sights and monuments, but also by the first class tourist services of the local market.

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Population Census

Year Population
1991 467
1981 430

Geographical Data

Type of location: Listed traditional settlement, Municipal district
Postal Code: 37012
Tel +30 24260
Altitude: 500 meters
Longitude: 23o 07' 54.16" E
Latitude: 39o 24' 19.29" N
Area: 11,02 km2

6 Kilometers Northeast (NE) the port: AGIOS IOANNIS PILION, Port, PELION , GREECE
48 Kilometers Southwest (SW) the prefectural capital VOLOS, Town, MAGNESSIA , GREECE

Geographical Boundaries

KISSOS (Village )   Northwest of TSAGARADA (Village, Town hall)>
TSAGARADA (Village, Town hall) belongs to MOURESSI (Municipality)
MOURESSI (Municipality) belongs to PELION (Mountain)
PELION (Mountain) belongs to VOLOS (Province)
VOLOS (Province) belongs to MAGNESSIA (Prefecture)
MAGNESSIA (Prefecture) belongs to THESSALIA (Region)
THESSALIA (Region) belongs to GREECE (Country)

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