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Anilio village is the entry point of Mouresi municipality for the visitor that follows the mountain road via Chania peak. Hidden behind a slope, the village probably got its name "because in winter the sun almost never catches it". (An-Ilio: where "Ilios" is "sun" in Greek)
  Being a visitor in Anilio you should visit the small, scenic square where the church of Agios Athanassios is located, a great ecclesiastic monument with one of the best Baroque wood-engraved temples in Pelion area. Anilio is also a place where a number of other well-known monasteries thrived during past times (Holly Mary admittance, Agios Haralambos, The holly cross, Holly trinity).
  According to local tradition, at the lower part of the village there used to be the ancient city Achilleio, founded by Homer?s hero "Achilles" himself. Centaur "Cheiron", the master of Achilles and Hercules, used to rest inside the big cave located at the coast of "Banikas"!
  Another beautiful beach with crystal clear waters and rich flora touching the edge of the sand, is Plaka beach. Besides the tourist services, great credit is given to the local women?s agricultural cooperative, which promotes the land through traditional homemade fruit-sweets and drinks.

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Population Census

Year Population
1991 356
1981 480

Geographical Data

Type of location: Beach, Listed traditional settlement, Municipal district
Postal Code: 37001
Tel +30 24260
Altitude: 296 meters
Longitude: 23o 08' 06.24" E
Latitude: 39o 25' 07.75" N

45 Kilometers Southwest (SW) the prefectural capital VOLOS, Town, MAGNESSIA , GREECE

Geographical Boundaries

ANILIO (Village ) 8 km   Northwest of TSAGARADA (Village, Town hall)>
TSAGARADA (Village, Town hall) belongs to MOURESSI (Municipality)
MOURESSI (Municipality) belongs to PELION (Mountain)
PELION (Mountain) belongs to VOLOS (Province)
VOLOS (Province) belongs to MAGNESSIA (Prefecture)
MAGNESSIA (Prefecture) belongs to THESSALIA (Region)
THESSALIA (Region) belongs to GREECE (Country)

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