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  Queen of Pelion, the beautiful village of Portaria, is one of most popular tourist resorts in Greece. It is 12 klm distance from Volos and 13 klm from the ski center, combining sea and mountains. It is situated at a height of 650 mtrs. with an exceptional view of the Pagassitikos bay.
  Portaria is one of the most significant tourist resorts in Greece. Visitors admire its natural beauties, like the «Centaurs' path» and the cascade of Karavos, walk along the cobbled streets that are surrounded by yards with flowers in full bloom, enjoy the view over the gulf of Pagassitikos and visit the Byzantine churches and the old monasteries.
  The numerous restored mansions remind you of the past of Portaria. The Athanassakio Kindergarten (one of the first to be established in Greece), the Zoulia Mansion (which operated as a Vocational School for girls), the Tsopotio School (nowadays, the Town hall), are only several of its important monuments.
  Portaria has a rich traditional culture and the Municipality promotes the cultural element organizing events, congresses, meetings and festivals in collaboration with the cultural association «ORMINIO». Suggestively we mention the following annual activities:
•World Day of Dance.
•International Folklore Dance Festival for Children.
•International Folklore Festival.
•Revival of the Pelioritic Wedding.
•Exhibitions - Concerts - Meetings.
  There are many hotels available of every class, traditional hostels, rented rooms, and also restaurants, taverns and other similar establishments, serving the needs of visitors. The women of Portaria have established the Agro-tourist Association, which provides homemade fruit conserves, marmelades, liquors, pastries and culinary specialities.

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Population Census

Year Population
1991 1093
1981 769

Geographical Data

Type of location: Listed traditional settlement, Town hall
Postal Code: 37011
Tel +30 24280
Altitude: 600 meters
Longitude: 22o 59' 52.25" E
Latitude: 39o 23' 25.89" N

13 Kilometers Southwest (SW) the prefectural capital VOLOS, Town, MAGNESSIA , GREECE

Southwest (SW) at the sides of: PELION, Mountain, MAGNESSIA , GREECE
East (E) PILIO, Ski centre, PELION , GREECE

Geographical Boundaries

PORTARIA (Village, Town hall) belongs to PORTARIA (Municipality)
PORTARIA (Municipality) belongs to PELION (Mountain)
PELION (Mountain) belongs to VOLOS (Province)
VOLOS (Province) belongs to MAGNESSIA (Prefecture)
MAGNESSIA (Prefecture) belongs to THESSALIA (Region)
THESSALIA (Region) belongs to GREECE (Country)

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