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Sain John church

Work of the famous builder Dimos Zapaniotis from Epiros.

Churches of the villge

Agios Georgios
Agios Dmitrios
Agios Ioannis Thologos
The Tranfiguration
The Virgin.

Temple of Agios Athanassios, 18th century

Important religious museum.

Church of Agios Georgios

Church of the Assumption of the Virgin

Churches of the village

Agios Lavrentios
Agios Athanassios
Agios Dimitrios
Agii Apostoli of Neo
Prophet Ilias
The Virgin of Souravli (country church , nearby the village).

Church of Agia Marina, 17th century


Agios Ioannis

  To the west of the side of the square lies Agios Ioannis temple (1806) with rich stone curved decoration that composes the most unique work of art in the after Byzantine Architecture. For more eastern from the central square, there is the church of the Blessed Panagias, the village's cathedral church, built in 1767 and decorated with rich stone curves, as well, part of wich belongs to the old Byzantine convent of Oxias Episkepseos that Konstantine Malliasinos built in 1204. In the enclosure of the church there are the temples of Agion Padon and Agios Nikolaos. The Bishop's throne has been registrated in 1743, by after Byzantine frescoes.
  Other churches are Agiou Athanasiou in 1792, Agiou Georgiou, Metamorfosis in 1797, Agias Triadas that was decorated by the folk painter Pagoni, the monastery of Agiou Gerasimou in 1792 and finaly the impressive temple of Agia Magdalini in Koukourava in 1802.

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The Church of "Christos sto Kastro"

The Church of "Christos sto Kastro" was the cathedral of the medieval city. It is a basilica with a wood cut roof, built in the 17th century. It has worthwhile frescoes and a nice wood cut icon screen dated in 1695. This is the church which has been praised the most by Alexandros Papadiamantis and Alexandros Moraitidis in their Christmas novels.

This text is cited Sep 2002 from the Municipality of Skiathos URL below, which contains images.

Panagia Limnia

"I Panagia i Limnia" with the nice bell-tower rising in the whole village is the second parish church of the island. The icons from "Christos sto Kastro - Christ in the Castle" as well as Papadiamantis's head are kept here. The parish of Panagia continues to preserve the nice traditions and customs of the island, so vividly represented in the writhen work of Alexandros Papadiamantis and Alexandros Moraitidis.

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Tris Ierarches

  The church of "Trion Ierarchon" (The Tree Church Fathers) which has been the cathedral of the island for 150 years leads the intellectual cultivation of the island, since it was blessed to have in its bosoms competent and excellent priests and intellectual leaders such as priest Adamantios, father of Papadiamantis, priest Nikolas Papanikolaou, priest Andreas Bouras and other led always by priest Georgios Rigas, the great scholar and author of the island. The Church of "Trion Ierarchon" is a basilica of three aisles, built in 1846. It is built in the centre of the village near the beach. In this church there is the icon of Panagias tis Eikonistrias, which was found in a miraculous way around 1650. This is the patron saint of the island and it is a sacred pilgrimage for both the inhabitants and the visitors of the island. Many sacred heirlooms from all the country churches of the island have been transferred into this church as well as many icons of great archaeological value. all these sacred heirlooms are in perfect functional condition. Here services are held according to the old ritual and the tradition of "Kollyvathes" still remains alive.

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Aghios Nikolaos

Church of St. Athanassios


Church of St. Nicholas

Church of the Virgin of Papameletiou

Church of the Mary Virgin of the Castle

Church of the Mary Virgin Faneromeni

Church of St. Michael Synadon

St. Athanassios


St. Serapheim

Country churches

Timios Stavros

AGRIA (Small town) VOLOS
On the hill Anemoutsa, 3km from the village.

Panagia Trypia

Built inside a rock in the sea.

Ai Giannis at Kastri


St. Paraskevi


St. Eustathios

Prophet Elias

St. Konstantinos


Founded in 1378 by St. Lavrentios, monk of Mount Athos.

Monastery of Panagia Eikonistria


Panagia Eikonistria is the most holy site of the island, since the miraculous icon of Panagia was found here around 1650 AC. According to the tradition the icon was hanged from a pine tree and moved back-forth. That’s why is also called "Kounistra" (moving). An important intellectual figure of the island and of the Church, Dionysios the Old, was a monk at this monastery. The Catholikon is a basilica of one aisle with a dome, built in the 17th century and has a gold plated rood screen and spectacular hagiographies.

The Panagia Eikonistria icon in nowadays is housed in the Skiathos Cathedral church and is honoured every year on the day of the Presentation of the Virgin Mary, on 21st of November, with a great festivity as Panagia Eikonistria is the protector of the island.

Monastery of Ano Xenia

Tel: +30 24220 22413
  Ano Moni Xenias, honoured to Virgin, is located at Kokkoti community. The remained parts of the monastery are the monastery church and part of the walls of the old cells, which save partial decoration of frescoes.
  The architectual type of the church is the type of basilica with a nave and two aisles. The interior is adorned with remarkable frescoes of 17th century, while the frescoes of the narthex date to 18th century.
  Sculptured fragments are built into the walls of the church while other fragments, such as capitals, slabs, double columns, bases of pillars, pilaster are found scattered in the courtyard.
  The frescoes of the church have been fixed and conserved.
  Ano Moni Xenias is nowadays used as a monastery.
Text from web page of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture

Monastery of Ano Xenias

Monastery of the Annunciation

Tel: +30 24270 22012

The Monastery of the Annunciation or the Evangelistria, as it is widely known, is one of the most remarkable monuments of Northern Sporades.< br>
The Monastery was built on the Agallianou site, where there were ruins of an old monastery. The complex was built from 1794 to 1806 and became the stronghold of "Kollyvades". A group of monks from Agion Oros, led by Niphon, due to a feud that emerged after the mid-18th century to the beginning of the 19th, left from there and went to several islands ( Patmos, Samos, Leipso etc.). After a short wandering they went to Skiathos, where they proceeded with the monastery’s building.

Monastery’s architecture is based on the one of the Agion Oros monasteries. The Cathedral is a condensed form of the Athonite type with the lateral spaces, the frugal and the splint and roofed by three domes, covered by gray slates. The rich rood screen projects into the simple space of the church. Only the Holy Step has frescoes from the time of the Greek Revolution, by painters from Galatista. In this space kept in ambries bones of many Saints. Outside the Catholic, within the monastery complex are the monks’ cells, the bank, the hospital, the hostel, the vesta (kitchen), the magkipeio, the taliagkra (olive press), the library, the chapels, the storerooms, the stable, etc. In addition, the monastery has a valuable library with many rare publications and documents, an eccestiastic museum, where are many priestly utensils and relics and a olive press/exhibition.

Daily itineraries from the town of Skiathos to the monastery service the visitors.

Monastery of Ikonistria

Panagia Eikonistria is the most holy site of the island since the miraculous icon of Virgin Mary (Panagia) was found here around 1650. An important intellectual figure of the island and of the Church, Dionysios the Old, was a monk in this monastery. The "Katholikon" of the monastery (its church) which is honoured on the day of the Presentation of the Virgin Mary each year, is a basilica of one aisle with a dome, built in the 17th century. All the church has been painted with hagiographs but the smoke from the many candles has caused extensive damage.

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The Monastery of The Annunciation of The Virgin

  Immersed in the greenery, deep in the Lekhounio gorge beside the springs in the place called Agalianos, under Karaphlytzanakia, the highest peak on Skiathos, stands the Holy Communal Monastery dedicated to the Annunciation of the Virgin, The Evangelistrias Monastery or Vangelistrias as it is called by the Skiathians. Construction of the monastery was started in 1794 by a group of kollyvados monks who had been forced to leave the Holy Mount of Athos in the face of disturbances resulting from disputes over the celebration of Canonical Requiem Masses Saturdays rather than Sundays. The objective was a return to the tradition of the Ancient Orthodox Church. The group leader was Niphon, an Ordained Monk, whose worldly name was Nicholas "from the line of the Nicholarades", who was born in 1736 at the village of Patrika on the island of Chios. He served in the Monastery of the Greatest Banner and the retreat of the Omnipotent on the Holy Mount of Athos. Initially he went to Samos, Patmos, Leipso and Icaria where, in 1775, he founded the monastery of the Annunciation at Leucada. Amongst the monks at the Monastery of the Annunciation was one Gregorios Khadjistamatis, a Skiathian, who, upon the death of his father, inherited extensive property on Skiathos. Possessing this large estate Gregorios persuaded Niphon to move to the green island of Skiathos and establish a new monastery, abandoning Icaria "for the all-pervading barrenness and unwholesomeness of the place".
   Construction of the monastery complex was completed in 1806 and it became the epicenter of the kollyvados both during the disputation and in the following years. The kollyvados spirit has profoundly influenced the life of the Skiathian islanders and that most significant writer of (modern) Greek prose, Alexander Papadiamantis and also of the Skiathian author Alexander Moraitidis. Father Niphon, first abbot and founder of the monastery passed away at the age of 73 on the 28th of December 1809. The second abbot and cofounder were the Skiathian Gregorios Khadjistamatis (1809 - 1815). Subsequently, and to this day, there have been 30 other abbots the last of-whom is the present abbot, Father Angelos Lyssaris.
   The Monastery of the Annunciation provided significant moral and material assistance to the pre-revolutionary movements as well as during the revolution of 1821. It was there, that in the year 1807, the first Greek flag with the white Cross at its center on a blue ground was designed, woven, blessed and raised. It was on this flag that Father Niphon swore in the guerrilla leaders Theodore Kolokotronis, Andreas Miaoulis, Papathymios Vlakhavas, Iannis Stathas, Nikotsaras, the Skiathian Teacher of the Nation, Epiphanios - Stephanos Dimitriadis and many others following the great assembly held at the monastery to lay out plans to liberate the (Greek) Nation. The philosopher priest, Theophilos Kairis, following his conviction by the Holy Synod in 1839, was confined to the Monastery.

This text is cited Sep 2002 from the Municipality of Skiathos URL below, which contains images.

Monastery of St. Charalampos

Tel: +30 24270 23333
Fax: +30 24270 23333

Monastery of Evangelistrias Daponte

Tel: +30 24240 23230
   The Holy Monastery of Evangelistria is one of the innumerable byzantine monuments saved in Skopelos. What has remained from the monastery is the church and the defensive walls.
   The monastery church, honoured to the "Announciation of the Virgin" is in the cross - in - square with dome, without narthex. It dates to the end of 18th century.

Monastery of Tranfiguration

Tel: +30 24240 22560

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Further to the marvellous natural environment, we must consider the four churches as reference points in the village (Panaghia, Aghioi Apostoloi, Aghios Athanasios, Aghia Paraskevi). One of these, Aghios Athanasios, is byzantine. Also the scattered chapels (Aghios Georgios, Aghia Marina, Aghios Nikolaos, Prophet Elias, Aghia Triada, Panaghia Megalogenous), remains from the byzantine monasteries. A visit to the chapels is a good occasion for an interesting walk.

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