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  Achladokampos is an amphitheatrical village with stony houses, 35km away from Argos. This is where Argolida and Arcadia County are linked.
  Achladokampos was once the larges among the villages. Now, it still retains its ‘supremacy’, as there are many well-maintained houses a large church, a school, a nice square and a building with hot bath.
  At the foot of Partheni Mountain Range were once many wild pear-trees. It is said that Achladokampos was named after them (Achladi=pear). At least, this is one version. The other says that the village was named after the olive trees. Specifically, when a Turkish aga came in view of the plain full of olive trees, he exclaimed ‘Ach! Ladokampe!’ (Ach= exclamation, Ladokampos= plain with olive trees).
  On the whole, Achladokampos is a village based on cattle raising. The locals still maintain old customs and they are ready to enjoy themselves by organising feasts on Trinity Sunday and Pentecost.
(text: Alexis Totsikas)
This text (extract) is cited March 2004 from the Prefecture of Argolis tourist pamphlet.

  The old national highway that linked Argos with the city of Tripoli is one of the most well known roads in Greece. It used to be a road of communication with central Peloponnese known then as Kolosourtis. From Kolosourtis (the road) visitors have the opportunity to admire the wonderful view of the Argolic gulf and Nauplia.
  Kolosourtis used to be the largest road guillotine. It used to be narrow and slippery, with curves of 180 degrees next to a precipice. Hundreds of accidents revealed its dangerousness.
  However, today things are different. The new national highway that links Corinth with Tripoli has made Kolosourtis less busy. Although traffic is not frequent, the road has been reconstructed. It is now wider with less curves and non-slippery surface.
  Before reaching Achladokampos and on the right side of the road, there is a 4km road that leads to Nera. There are many springs and plane trees in Nera, as well as an old Byzantine chapel rebuilt by the emigrants. This is where the great feast of Achladokampos takes place.
(text: Alexis Totsikas)
This text (extract) is cited March 2004 from the Prefecture of Argolis tourist pamphlet.

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