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  The town of Konitsa spreads at the hill of Trapezitsa mountain and lies at the the height of 600m approximately. As far as the bottom of the hill of Konitsa is extended the plain of Konitsa and Klidonia.
  This plain is the meeting point of three rivers: Sarantaporos, Aoos and Voidomatis. The area is bordered by the mass volumes of the mountains Grammos on the north, Smolikas on the east, Gamila on the south and Camenic and Nemertzika on the west.
  The morphology of the ground as well as the hydrography of the area form four natural ranges: a. the valley of Sarantaporos (on the north), b. the valley of Aoos (on the east), c. the basin of Konitsa (on the south), d. the alpine zone.
  Regarding the origin of the name of Konitsa, there are various assumptions. According to the tradition, the town of Konitsa is built on the ancient Konissos. The historian from Epirus, P. Aravantinos, assumes that the name of the area comes from the name of the ancient town Knossos that was gradually developed into Konitsa. Also, the traveler Poukevil considers that this name comes from the slavic name, Konitza, which means horses place. According to another legend, the nobleman Koni had built a castle whose ruins lie above the chapel of St.Varvara. So, the town might have taken its name by this nobleman.
This text is cited June 2003 from the Municipality of Konitsa URL below, which contains image.

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Population Census

Year Population
1991 2858
1981 2859

Geographical Data

Type of location: Listed traditional settlement, Ideal for climbing, Town hall, Province capital, Bridge
Postal Code: 44100
Tel +30 26550
Altitude: 600 meters
Longitude: 20o 45' 08.65" E
Latitude: 40o 02' 40.37" N

64 Kilometers South (S) the prefectural capital IOANNINA, Town, EPIRUS , GREECE
511 Kilometers Southeast (SE) via Antirio-Rio ferry: ATHENS, Town, ATTIKI , GREECE
296 Kilometers East-northeast (ENE) the prefectural capital THESSALONIKI, Town, MAKEDONIA CENTRAL , GREECE

North (N) at the sides of: TYMFI, Mountain, IOANNINA , GREECE

Geographical Boundaries

KONITSA (Small town, Town hall) belongs to KONITSA (Municipality)
KONITSA (Municipality) belongs to KONITSA (Province)
KONITSA (Province) belongs to IOANNINA (Prefecture)
IOANNINA (Prefecture) belongs to EPIRUS (Region)
EPIRUS (Region) belongs to GREECE (Country)

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