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FALAKRO (KNV), Ski centre, DRAMA

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Geographical Data

Other Names: AGIO PNEVMA (Ski centre)
Postal Code: 66033
Tel +30 25230
Altitude: 1720 meters
Longitude: 24o 04' 06.52" E
Latitude: 41o 18' 13.19" N

35 Kilometers West (W) KATO NEVROKOPI, Small town, DRAMA , GREECE

Easy access from:
16 Kilometers West (W) (preserved settlement) VOLAKAS, Small town, DRAMA , GREECE

Locations clockwise:
45 Kilometers South (S) the prefectural capital DRAMA, Town, GREECE
Southwest (SW) PETROUSSA, Small town, DRAMA , GREECE
Southwest (SW) PROSSOTSANI, Small town, DRAMA , GREECE
Southwest (SW) KOKINOGIA, Village, DRAMA , GREECE
Southwest (SW) PYRGI, Village, DRAMA , GREECE
26 Kilometers West (W) GRANITIS, Small town, DRAMA , GREECE

Geographical Boundaries

FALAKRO (Ski centre)    North of FALAKRO (Mountain)
FALAKRO (Mountain )   East Southeast of KATO NEVROKOPI (Small town, Town hall)>
KATO NEVROKOPI (Small town, Town hall) belongs to KATO NEVROKOPI (Municipality)
KATO NEVROKOPI (Municipality) belongs to DRAMA (Prefecture)
DRAMA (Prefecture) belongs to MAKEDONIA EAST & THRACE (Region)
MAKEDONIA EAST & THRACE (Region) belongs to GREECE (Country)

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