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Falakro Ski Center

FALAKRO (Ski centre) DRAMA
Tel: +30 25220 41811

Mountain: Falakro

Altitude: 1620 m - 2232 m


Height difference: Minimun: 5 m Maximun: 617 m

21 slopes of 20 km total length, ideal for sport events, out of which:

  • 5 black:
    • Hidonos 3 (Agio Pnevma), 1000 m in length & altitude 269 m
    • Lykourgos 2 (Hionotrypa), 1400 m in length & altitude 485 m
    • Androklis (Hionotrypa), 2200 m in length & altitude 617 m
    • Dysoron 1 (Hionotrypa), 1200 m in length & altitude 380 m
    • Lykourgos 4(Hionotrypa), 1300 m in length & altitude 450 m
  • 9 red:
    • Hidonos 1 (Agio Pnevma), 1000 m in length & altitude 269 m
    • Hidonos 2 (Agio Pnevma), 1100 m in length & altitude 269 m
    • Vorini (Agio Pnevma), 1400 m in length & altitude 269 m
    • Lykourgos 1 (Hionotrypa), 480 m in length & altitude 269 m
    • Lykourgos 3 (Hionotrypa), 1800 m in length & altitude 485 m
    • Hionotrypa (Hionotrypa), 900 m in length & altitude 190 m
    • Zygantis 1 (Hionotrypa), 1500 m in length & altitude 380 m
    • Zygantis 2 (Hionotrypa), 1700 m in length & altitude 375 m 
    • Zygantis 3 (Hionotrypa), 1500 m in length & altitude 375 m 
  • 1 blue
    • Louki (Hionotrypa), 750 m in length & altitude 60 m
  • 6 green:
    • Mesta 1 (Agio Pnevma), 500 m in length & altitude 90 m
    • Mesta 2 (Agio Pnevma), 700 m in length & altitude 90 m 
    • Panoramic (connective) (Hionotrypa), 1000 m in length & altitude 205 m
    • Dryas (connective) (Hionotrypa), 480 m in length & altitude 50 m
    • Isida (Agio Pnevma), 230 m in length & altitude 15 m (beginners)
    • Kalliroe (Agio Pnevma), 160 m in length & altitude 5 m (beginners)
  • 5 recommended snowboard runs
Falakro offers also, tourist and sports skiing runs, Lang Lauf slopes, long distance runs over a length of 2500 m, hiking and mountaineering trails (Ε6).


  • Zygantis, 1 four-seat aerial detachable chair, 1500 m in length with a capability of 1650 persons/hour (Starting point at 1730 m and peak point at 1999 m)
  • Dysoron, 1 aerial double seat chair (Starting point at 1615 m and peak point at 1996 m)
  • 4 sliding lifts:
    • Hidonos, with a capability of 510 persons/hour (Starting point at 1730 m and peak point at 1999 m)
    • Mesta, with a capability of 900 persons/hour (Starting point at 1730 m and peak point at 1815 m)
    • Getas, with a capability of 900 persons/hour (Starting point at 2042 m and peak point at 2232 m)
    • Lykourgos, with a capability of 900 persons/hour (Starting point at 1950 m and peak point at 2105 m)
  • 3 baby lifts:
    • Dryas, with a capability of 190 persons/hour (Starting point at 2050 m and peak point at 2100 m)
    • Isida, with a capability of 247 persons/hour (Starting point at 1730 m and peak point at 1745 m)
    • Kalliroe, with a capability of 309 persons/hour (Starting point at 1730 m and peak point at 1735 m)

Other facilities/services

  • 3 chalets, 2 of them at the base of the ski resort and the other one at the four-seat lift terminal, where you can enjoy a panoramic view at an altitude of 2110 m. One of the 2 chalets situated at the base of the ski resort is Falakro’s Shelter. It has eleven rooms and can accommodate 80 persons overnight. In that place operates also a cafe-restaurant with a capacity of 250 persons. It is located in central of  Agio Pnevma plateau, at an altitude of 1720 m.
  • 3 open-air stores (canteens), 4 shops where you can buy or rent ski equipment and take ski lessons, 1 clothing shop (souvenirs).
  • Well-equipped medical center (providing doctor and ambulance) in case of emergency, as well as a rescue team.
  • Trailer’s rest & stay area (for more information call 25210 62224).
  • Parking lot - ring road - with a capacity of 1500 cars.

Accessibility /Road network

Asphalt road network, which has been widened, with safety crash barriers along the road and specially designed snow signs. The road remains open even in case of extreme weather conditions.

Operation period

The ski resort is open from December, every day from Thursday to Sunday and on holidays. The ticket office is open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Useful notes

It is the northest ski center in Greece with the longest skiing period, established by the Drama Alpine Club.

The installation and operation of the four-seat aerial detachable chair (1500 m long) is an infrastructure project of major importance for tourism. This chair is even larger than that of Parnassos Ski Center, the first one in Greece.

Based on the present infrastructure, has been ensured as far as possible the continuous operation of the ski center. Even in cases of light snowfall, the ski center remains open and operative, offering to the visitors the option of high altitudes, where the snow doesn’t’ melt.

It has the longest possible period of snow, due not only to the geographical position of it but also to the high altitude (Start base at 1720 m., slopes ranging from 1615 m to 2230 m).

In recent years organized night skiing, every Saturday night with free entry for all skiers.

Facilities /Services in the surrounding area

Many hotels and lodgings are available in the surrounding area, more specifically at Volakas, Granitis, Nevrokopi, as well as in Drama, a town with intense nightlife.

Activities in the surrounding area

The surrounding area is an ideal place for hiking. The plateau is magnificent during spring when the mountain slopes and the mountaintops are full of rare wild flowers.
The area can host important sports events, such as Panhellenic long-distance and downhill races.

Alternatives activities on Falakro:

  • 4 x 4 routes,
  • hiking,
  • mountain climbing,
  • climbing: climbing fields Kartalkas, Faraggi, Hionotrypa, Profitis Elias & Pseftodonti,
  • mountain bike,
  • aerosports,
  • bird-watching and touring.
Natural beauties of the district are:

Due to its important flora and fauna, Falakro is included in the "Natura 2000" protection network under the name "Falakro Mountain tops".

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