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The area of Edipsos has a special spot in Greek mythology. The goddess Athena asked from the god of fire, Hephestus, to bring to earth warm, relaxing, healing waters so that her protegee, the hero Hercules, could come and rest. The thermal springs are the heritage of Loutra Edipsou. Today there are more than 80 thermal springs with a temperature between 28oC and 86oC. Excluding the private spas and those inside hotels, the town also has the GNTO spa which offers all modern facilities and techniques. It must be noted that this complex is one of the largest of its kind in our country. The above extract is from the tourist brochure of the municipality of Edipsos .

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Population Census

Year Population
1991 2366
1981 3903

Geographical Data

Type of location: Beaches under Ministry of Environment Inspection, Recognized spa area, Small town, Town hall, Bay, Municipal district, Ancient name
Other Names: LOUTRA EDIPSOS (Official name)
Postal Code: 34300
Tel +30 22260
Altitude: 35 meters
Longitude: 23o 02' 29.3" E
Latitude: 38o 51' 24.84" N

Located in the same area of:
EDIPSOS, Ancient city, EVIA , GREECE

56.0 Kilometers East-southeast (ESE) the municipality seat MANDOUDI, Small town, EVIA , GREECE
98.0 Kilometers Southeast (SE) the municipality seat PSACHNA, Small town, CHALKIDA , GREECE
54.0 Kilometers East (E) the municipality seat AGIA ANNA, Village, CHALKIDA , GREECE
114.0 Kilometers Southeast (SE) the prefectural capital CHALKIDA, Town, EVIA , GREECE
233.6 Kilometers Southeast (SE) the municipality seat MARMARI, Village, EVIA , GREECE
197 Kilometers KYMI, Port, EVIA , GREECE
211.8 Kilometers Southeast (SE) the port: NEA STYRA, Port, EVIA , GREECE
160.0 Kilometers East-southeast (ESE) the municipality seat ALIVERI, Small town, EVIA , GREECE
240.0 Kilometers East-southeast (ESE) the provincial capital KARYSTOS, Town, EVIA , GREECE
21.0 Kilometers Northeast (NE) the provincial capital ISTIEA, Small town, EVIA , GREECE

North (N) opposite of: ARKITSA, Village, FTHIOTIDA , GREECE
West (W) at the foot of: TELETHRION, Mountain, EVIA , GREECE

Located at/in/on:
North (N) coastline of: NORTH EVIAN GULF, Gulf, STEREA HELLAS , GREECE

Geographical Boundaries

EDIPSOS (Port, Town hall) belongs to EDIPSOS (Municipality)
EDIPSOS (Municipality) belongs to ISTIEA (Province)
ISTIEA (Province) belongs to EVIA (Island)
EVIA (Island) belongs to STEREA HELLAS (Region)
STEREA HELLAS (Region) belongs to GREECE (Country)

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