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Tour Operators, Γραφείο Ταξιδίων ΜΠΕΡΥ , ΑΓΓΛΙΑ , ΜΕΓΑΛΗ ΒΡΕΤΑΝΝΙΑ
Κεντρικά γραφεία(Est. 2008)
Prince Street 8 Ramsbottom BL0 9FN ΜΠΕΡΥ , ΑΓΓΛΙΑ , ΜΕΓΑΛΗ ΒΡΕΤΑΝΝΙΑ
Τηλ.: +44 845 1239482

Designer Travel - Περίληψη

Designer Travel was founded in 2008 by Amanda Matthews and Karen Pocock, previously of The Co-operative Travel. Designer Travel have luxury travel experts all over the UK to help you plan your perfect holiday. We are independent so will sell you what is best for your needs and our extensive knowledge of the world and the travel industry means we know where to find the best offers and are happy to make personal recommendations. Whether you are looking for a luxury break in the UK, a ski break, your honeymoon, a tailor-made trip or your annual luxury family holiday, we can help.

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    • Δ/νις Amanda Matthews

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