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  The name Preveza is first mentioned in the Chronicle of the Morea in 1292. Created towards the end of the eleventh century, following the desertion of ancient Nikopolis, the city was conquered several times in the course of its turbulent history: by Visigoths, Goths, Bulgars, Turks, Venetians and French. It was liberated on 12 October 1912 and incorporated within the Greek state.
  Preveza lies 370 km northwest of Athens (via Rhion-Antirrhion) and has a population of 20,000. It is located in the southernmost tip of the prefecture on a small peninsula at the narrow entrance to the Ambracian Gulf, opposite Aktion (ancient Actium). The city’s markedly island (Heptanesian) character, so fascinating for the visitor, is due to the fact that it is washed on three sides by the sea. Traditional buildings dominate the waterfront of the harbour, while quaint old houses, narrow streets, local tavernas and coffee-shops compose its tranquil interior.
This text (extract) is cited July 2003 from the Prefecture of Preveza tourist pamphlet (1996).

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Population Census

Year Population
1991 13341
1981 13624

Geographical Data

Type of location: Port, Beach, Port of entrance, Port with supply facilities, Recognized spa area, Listed traditional settlement, Spa, Province capital, Town hall, Prefecture capital, Fortress, Cathedral house
Postal Code: 48100
Tel +30 26820
Altitude: 12 meters
Longitude: 20o 45' 01.75" E
Latitude: 38o 57' 39.39" N

191 Nautical miles Southeast (SE) via Corinth isthmus: PIRAEUS, Town, ATTIKI , GREECE
376 Kilometers Southeast (SE) via Aktio & Rio ferries: ATHENS, Town, GREECE
471 Kilometers Northeast (NE) the prefectural capital THESSALONIKI, Town, MAKEDONIA CENTRAL , GREECE

Geographical Boundaries

PREVEZA (Town, Town hall) belongs to PREVEZA (Municipality)
PREVEZA (Municipality) belongs to NIKOPOLI & PARGA (Province)
NIKOPOLI & PARGA (Province) belongs to PREVEZA (Prefecture)
PREVEZA (Prefecture) belongs to EPIRUS (Region)
EPIRUS (Region) belongs to GREECE (Country)

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