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Archaeological Museum of Rhodes

Last Update: Sep 2019
Museum, Byzantine & Post-Byzantine Monuments, Cultural heritage RHODES , DODEKANISSOS , GREECE
(Est. 1914)
Megalou Alexandrou Square, Medieval City, 85100 RHODES , DODEKANISSOS , GREECE
Tel.: +30 22413 65257
Opening hours:
00Apr - 00Oct Mon-Sun, 0800-2000
00Nov - 00Mar Wed-Mon, 0800-1500

Archaeological Museum of Rhodes - Photo Gallery

Archaeological Museum of Rhodes - Overview

  The Archaeological Museum of Rhodes is housed in the medieval Hospital of the Knights Hospitaller Order of Saint John (1309-1522). Its construction began in 1440 by the Grand Master de Lastic and was completed in 1489 by the Grand Master d' Aubusson.
  The Museum hosts the following collections:
• Burial finds (vases, figurines, jewellery, metal artefacts) from the cemeteries of Ialyssos and Kamiros. Geometric to Classical periods (9th - 4th centuries BC).
• A collection of Classical, Hellenistic and Roman sculpture.
Mosaic floors of the Hellenistic and Early Christian period.
• Funerary slabs from the Knights' period (1309-1522).
  The most important exhibits of the Museum are:
Pyxis of the Fikellura type (550-530 BC.), one of the most distinct groups of the archaic eastern Greek and Ionian ware.
• Two archaic kouroi from Kamiros (550-530 BC).
Kylix of the Vroulia type (6th c. BC). Another distinct group of pottery named after the ancient settlement of Vroulia on Rhodes, where this ware was firstly found.
Laconian hydria, depicting battle between two heroes (6th c. BC).
Grave stele of Krito and Timarista with two standing female figures (420-410 BC).
• Grave stele of Kalliarista. It depicts the dead Kalliarista, seated, while her servant, standing, holds a pyxis with her cosmetics. The stele has a pedimental capping resting on pilasters (ca. 350 BC).
Marble head of Helios (second half of the 2nd century BC).
Marble statuette of the "Aphrodite Bathing" (2nd - 1st century BC).

Archaeological Museum of Rhodes - Map

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