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  The municipality of Erissos covers the north part of the island of Kefalonia and is known for its exceptional beauty. The road network which connects all the villages, passes through beautiful scenery and meets the main road arteries of the island. Driving through precipitous roads one can enjoy the view of picturesque landscapes, creeks and dramatic clifs. During your trip you have the opportunity to visit the famous village of Asos, the old capital and important port of the island, in 1593, with the Venician Castle of 16th century on top of the hill and the prisons where prisoners had to work as field hand workers up to 1953.
  About 2 kms past Asos on the way to Fiscardo, one can visit the 1600 built monastery of Theotocou (Gods mother) where every 8th of September there is a celebration. The house hold icon of Godmother is named (Wider than the skies) "Platirera ton ouranon".
  On the way you also have the opportunity to wander beautiful little villages where in a lot of them that survived the 1953 earthquake, you can distinguish the Italian influenced architecture.
  Fiscardo is an old fishing village in which all the houses survived the 1953 earthquake. Today it is one of the most popular and touristy-holiday places in Greece, well known for its traditional architecture and breathtaking picturesque beauty, as well as its cosmopolitan little natural port.   Fiscardo is the home town of the sea poet Nikos Kavadias and it took it's name from the crusader Robert Guiscard. Fiscardo is surrounded by beautiful little villages, glistening creeks and other places such as Foki & Evreti with the wonderful cypress forests. The eastern villages of the municipality are situated opposite the island of Ithaca, through time, witnessing the world evolution and looking towards the future.
This text is cited June 2003 from the Municipality of Erissos URL below, which contains images.

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Population Census

Year Population
1991 1645

Geographical Data

Type of location: Beaches under Ministry of Environment Inspection
Tel +30 26740
Longitude: 20o 34' 39.69" E
Latitude: 38o 23' 40.63" N

South (S) PYLAROS, Municipality, KEFALLONIA , GREECE

North (N) at the edge of: KEFALLONIA, Island, IONIAN ISLANDS , GREECE

Geographical Boundaries

ERISSOS (Municipality) belongs to SAMI (Province)
SAMI (Province) belongs to KEFALLONIA (Island)
KEFALLONIA (Island) belongs to KEFALLINIA (Prefecture)
KEFALLINIA (Prefecture) belongs to IONIAN ISLANDS (Island complex)
IONIAN ISLANDS (Island complex) belongs to GREECE (Country)

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