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VIDO (KER), Small island, KERKYRA

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VIDO Small island KERKYRA


  A green paint stroke escaped the painting of Corfu and fell into the sea. Such was the creation of Vido Island, known since antiquity by the name Ptychia or the island of Hera, referred to by Thucydides, Ptolemaeus and other authors. Vido owes its present name to the French who occupied the island in 1830.
  With its sloping grounds, rocky coast, two wonderful beaches with blue-green waters and a self-growing forest with extraordinary flora and rare fauna, Vido presents a unique alternative for an unforgettable daylong excursion. Situated at a distance of 1200 m from Corfu town, it covers a surface of 550.000 square metres. The island can be accessed by a boat, which leaves the Old Port at Spilia at regular hours. The completion of Vidos’ development and promotion is one of the main targets ANEDK pursues.
  The Municipality of Corfu has financed a series of important projects on the island, like the restaurant (which can serve approximately 100 persons) in idyllic surroundings, as well as two refreshment kiosks, one on each beach. These facilities accommodate bathers, the young visitors staying at the Municipal Camping Site every year and foreign guests of the Municipality of Corfu.
This text is cited May 2003 from the Corfu Municipality Development Enterprise URL below, which contains images.
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Geographical Data

Other Names: PTYCHIA (Ancient hellenic name)
Postal Code: 49100
Tel +30 26610
Longitude: 19o 55' 30.38" E
Latitude: 39o 38' 29.23" N

Geographical Boundaries

VIDO (Small island )   North of KERKYRA (Town, Town hall)>
KERKYRA (Town, Town hall) belongs to KERKYRA (Municipality)
KERKYRA (Municipality) belongs to KERKYRA (Island)
KERKYRA (Island) belongs to KERKYRA (Province)
KERKYRA (Province) belongs to KERKYRA (Prefecture)
KERKYRA (Prefecture) belongs to IONIAN ISLANDS (Island complex)
IONIAN ISLANDS (Island complex) belongs to GREECE (Country)

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