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Pertouli Ski Center - Trikala

Last Update: Dec 2015

Loan's Operation Commission

Tel.: +30 24340 91545
Operating period: 01Dec - 31Mar  

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Pertouli Ski Center - Trikala - Overview

Mountain: Koziakas

Altitude: 1170 m - 1370 m.

Pertouli Ski Center is on the Pyli - Pertouli country road, at the Pertouliotika Livadia site of Koziakas mountain.


There are three downhill slopes and three cross-country runs (Lang Lauf), out of which:

  • 1 red, Vassilis Tsitsanis, 1500 m in length.
  • 1 blue, Tsintziras, 400 m in length.
  • 1 green, Ethikos, 80 m in length (for beginners).
  • 3 cross-country runs (Lang Lauf), of 1500 m, 2500 m and 3700 m length each.


  • 1 aerial double-seat aerial, 1170 m in length.
  • 1 sliding one-seat, 350 m in length.
  • 1 baby-lift, 60 m in length.

Other facilities/services

  • Two chalets, one at the foot and one at the top of ski center, with restaurant and cafeteria.
  • Ski school.
  • Selling and renting ski equipment shop.
  • Parking lot.

Operation period

Pertouli Ski Center operates from December to late March, daily 9.30 a.m to 3.30 p.m.

Useful notes

The first try for Pertouli ski Center construction was in 1984, when placed at the Pertouliotika Livadia site a small sliding lift 350 m in length, suitable for that time needs.
In 1998 autumn constructed a new one aerial double seat lift, 1100 m in length, with a capacity of 600 persons/hour. In parallel, a new slope, 1350 m in length, was formed. It was also widened the existing parking, constructed a small chalet at the top of double seat lift and the central slope was lightened, so night ski be possible.
Since then many improvements to the buildings and the providing services take place. The formation of parking lot with asphalt, the renovation of the old chalet at the base, the slope’s shaping, the reconstruction and expansion of the chalet at the top, are just some of the latest efforts.
During ski center’s operation night ski take place with many happenings.
So far in the Pertouli Ski Center there isn’t any lodgment.

Facilities/services in the surrounding area

There are a lot of places for accommodation and cafe-restaurants in the area. More specifically: in Elati (10 km. west from the ski center) in Pyli of Trikala (14 km. west from the ski center) at Pertouli (5 km. north from the ski center) etc.

Pertouli Ski Center - Trikala - Map

Executives & Departments

  • President:
    • Mr Konstantinos Bakatolis
  • Supervisor:
    • Mrs Konstantina Bekou, Tel.: 71005

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