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  The traditional village of Loutraki is situated in the north of the Prefecture of Pella and at a distance of 38 km from Edessa, and the Iamatica Loutra of Loutraki (thermal baths ) are situated three kilometers farther.
  The value of the local thermal springs seems to have been greatly appreciated even since the Roman years, yet in the middle of the last century the first water analyses were made and the water's healing qualities were certified.
  The thermal springs gush from the riverbed of Agios Nikolaos, with a temperature that rises up to 37° C. Their large supply (65 cubic meters/hour) creates the excellent conditions for the operation of the hydrotherapeutic places of the district, while the open pool and the "little lakes" that have been naturally developed in the bed of the hot water river, give the chance of bathing in an imaginary natural scenery.
  During the last years, the number of younger visitors that come to enjoy short vacations in this picturesque district of Greece and make the best of the opportunities for relaxation and recreation offered in the district has been gradually rising.
  Even during the winter, there are many people who attempt, after having ascended on the neighboring Voras Ski Resort, a visit to Loutra and a bath in the open pool, in the occult atmosphere created by the mist caused by the difference in water and air temperature.
  Besides thermalism, there are many other reasons that make this picturesque spa town worth visiting. Here dominates the impressive "Ramno Bor" (Isso Pefko) gorge lending the scenery an attractively wild appearance and offering unique opportunities for an escape in the nature.
This text (extract) is cited October 2003 from the Pella Prefecture Tourism Committee tourist pamphlet.


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Population Census

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1991 2

Geographical Data

Type of location: Recognized spa area, Spa
Other Names: LOUTRA LOUTRAKIOU (Known as:), LOUTRA POZAR (Alternative)
Postal Code: 58400
Tel +30 23840
Altitude: 420 meters
Longitude: 21o 54' 55.3" E
Latitude: 40o 58' 13.42" N

Geographical Boundaries

LOUTRA ARIDEAS (Settlement)    West of LOUTRAKI (Village)
LOUTRAKI (Village )   West of ARIDEA (Town, Town hall)>
ARIDEA (Town, Town hall) belongs to ARIDEA (Municipality)
ARIDEA (Municipality) belongs to ALMOPIA (Province)
ALMOPIA (Province) belongs to PELLA (Prefecture)
PELLA (Prefecture) belongs to MAKEDONIA CENTRAL (Region)
MAKEDONIA CENTRAL (Region) belongs to GREECE (Country)

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