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  Loutraki is a village with 1.280 residents. From 1992 toyrism started to be developed and today they are hundred hotels that can entertain the visitors. There are also a lot of modern hotels, restaurants, spaces of amusement and other shops for the service.
  The Spa,13 kms from Aridea, the capital of Municipality, 20 kms from the ski center and 100 kms from Thessalonica. In the place of the Spa and in Loutraki, there are hotels and apartments. Also, there are a lot of shops for the service of visitors, restaurants, refreshment stands, traditional cafes.
  The visitors combine spa' waters with a line from activities as the walks in the ecological paths and in the gorge of Baths, the mountaineering, the ascension, the exploration in the caverns of region of Baths and the visit in the ski center of Voras.

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Population Census

Year Population
1991 1127
1981 1067

Geographical Data

Type of location: Cave, Canyon
Postal Code: 58400
Tel +30 23840
Altitude: 300 meters
Longitude: 21o 56' 50.58" E
Latitude: 40o 58' 19.44" N

38 Kilometers South-southeast (SSE) the prefectural capital EDESSA, Town, PELLA , GREECE

Geographical Boundaries

LOUTRAKI (Village )   West of ARIDEA (Town, Town hall)>
ARIDEA (Town, Town hall) belongs to ARIDEA (Municipality)
ARIDEA (Municipality) belongs to ALMOPIA (Province)
ALMOPIA (Province) belongs to PELLA (Prefecture)
PELLA (Prefecture) belongs to MAKEDONIA CENTRAL (Region)
MAKEDONIA CENTRAL (Region) belongs to GREECE (Country)

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