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  Plaka was established during the last century. Northeast of the village is the cape of Vriokastro or Palaiokastro, where Kritovoulos the Imbrian disembarked when the island was occupied by the Turks. In the reefs of Mythones an ancient town is sunk. The ruins of the houses and the paved roads are well distinguished under the sea level. It is believed that this town is Homeric Chryssi which was sunk in 197 B.C. according to Pausanias. In this town, according to mythology the snake bit Philoctetes, the hero of the Trojan war. The most beautiful of the correlated traditions believes that Philoctetes was cured by the clay which exists at the site Roussounia, near Aghios Charalambos. This clay was quite effective for those who suffered form rheumatisms. The Christian view states that the root of the tree that exists near Aghios Charalambos came alone form the sea with the icon of the saint on it. From this root - it never gets rotten although it is always wet - sacred water is derived.
This text (extract) is cited June 2003 from the Lemnos Provincial Government tourist pamphlet (1997).

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Population Census

Year Population
1991 365
1981 384

Geographical Data

Type of location: Cape, Castle, Municipal district, Medieval settlement
Other Names: SYMPHEROUPOLIS (Middle Ages), VRYOKASTRO (Castle name)
Postal Code: 81401
Tel +30 22540
Altitude: 20 meters
Longitude: 25o 25' 33.79" E
Latitude: 40o 00' 15.62" N

46 Kilometers Southwest (SW) the capital of the island MYRINA, Small town, LEMNOS (LIMNOS) , GREECE

Have acces to the sea:
Northeast (NE) the port: PLAKA, Port, LEMNOS (LIMNOS) , GREECE

Geographical Boundaries

PLAKA (Village )   Northeast of MOUDROS (Small town, Town hall)>
MOUDROS (Small town, Town hall) belongs to MOUDROS (Municipality)
MOUDROS (Municipality) belongs to LEMNOS (LIMNOS) (Island)
LEMNOS (LIMNOS) (Island) belongs to LEMNOS (LIMNOS) (Province)
LEMNOS (LIMNOS) (Province) belongs to LESVOS (Prefecture)
LESVOS (Prefecture) belongs to NORTH AEGEAN (Region)
NORTH AEGEAN (Region) belongs to GREECE (Country)

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