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  The town of Tinos is called "chora" by its citizens and is a small insular township that began to develop during the period of theTurkish occupation. Upon arriving at the port of Tinos, visitors see two roads. Both of them lead to the cathedral of the Panagia. The one to the left, leoforos tis Megalocharis, is new; the one to the right is the older Evangelistrias street. The Town Hall, the telephone communications building and the Archeological Museum are situated on leoforos Megalocharis. Numerous shops are concentrated on Evangelistrias street. Except for the church of the Panagia, we find many other beautiful churches in the town: the Catholic church of Agios Nikolaos, the church of Kimiseos tis Theotokou (Malamatenia), the church of Taxiarhon, of Trion Ierarchon and of Agios Ioannis. The church of Agios Antoniosis is situated on the way to the port and to Kionia, very near to the old quarter of Palada. This quarter is accurately named for its numerous townhouses (palatia) on the waterfront, while another version has it that its name derives from "palantzes" - scales used for weighing goods. The Orthodox church of Agios Nikolaos is very near to Palada.

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Population Census

Year Population
1991 3754
1981 4049

Geographical Data

Type of location: Port, Town hall, Province capital, Island capital
Postal Code: 84200
Tel +30 22830
Altitude: 15 meters
Longitude: 25o 09' 43.87" E
Latitude: 37o 32' 14.58" N

86 Nautical miles Northwest (NW) PIRAEUS, Town, ATTIKI , GREECE
29 Nautical miles South (S) PAROS, Small town, KYKLADES , GREECE

Geographical Boundaries

TINOS (Small town, Town hall) belongs to TINOS (Municipality)
TINOS (Municipality) belongs to TINOS (Island)
TINOS (Island) belongs to TINOS (Province)
TINOS (Province) belongs to KYKLADES (Island complex)
KYKLADES (Island complex) belongs to SOUTH AEGEAN (Region)
SOUTH AEGEAN (Region) belongs to GREECE (Country)

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