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Ancient place-names

Iardanus river

  Iardanus (Iardanos), a river on the N. coast of Crete, near the banks of which the Cydonians dwelt. (Hom. Od. iii. 292.) It is identified with the rapid stream of the Platania, which rises in the White Mountains, and, after flowing between the Rhizite villages of Theriso and Laki or Lakus, runs through a valley formed by low hills, and filled with lofty platanes; from which it obtains its name. The river of Platania falls into the sea, nearly opposite the islet of Haghios Theodhoros, where there is good anchorage. (Pashley, Trav. vol. ii. p. 22 ; Hock, Kreta, vol. i. pp. 23, 384.)

Lethaeus river

GORTYS (Ancient city) HERAKLIO

Lethaeus (Lethaios, Strab. x. p. 478; Ptol. iii. 17. § 4; Eustath. ad Hon. Il. ii. 646; Solin. 17; Vib. Seq. 13), the large and important river which watered the plain of Gortyna in Crete, now the Malogniti.


  Cedrisus (Kedrisos, Dicaearch. 128; Kedrios, Theophrast. Hist. Plant. iii. 8. § 5: Kentros), a mountain of Crete, which forms the SW. spur of Mt. Ida. (Sieber, Reise, vol. ii. p. 14; Hoeck, Kreta, vol. i. p. 5.)

Samonium promontory

Today Cape Sidero


KNOSSOS (Minoan settlement) CRETE
In earlier times Cnossus was called Caeratus, bearing the same name as the river which flows past it. (Strabo 10.4.8)

Rhocca town

  Rhocca (Rhokka), a town of Crete, where there was a temple to Artemis Rhoccaea (Aelian, N. A. xii. 22). Pococke (vol. ii. p. 247) found remains at the village which still bears the name of Rhokka, to the S. of the ancient Methymna; and there can be little doubt but that this is the site of Rhocca, which, as is shown by Aelian (N. A. xiv. 20), was near Methymna (Hock, Kreta, vol. i. p. 391; Pashley, Crete, vol. ii. p. 41.)

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