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Last Update: Jul 2014

Greek Traditional Tour

Food & resting parks, Cultural Center ATTIKO ALSOS , GALATSI , GREECE

Inside of Attiko Alsos Park, Area B 11363 ATTIKO ALSOS , GALATSI , GREECE
Tel.: +30 210 6930586 , Fax: +30 210 6930587
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Travel to Tradition and lose yourself in the untouched beauty of Greece.

The Greece of our grandparents, naturally pure, forged of hard work and love. Where sweet aromas from the rich land intermingled with the salty fragrances of the sea. Where the toil of daily labor gave way to nighttime rejoicing, enriching mind and soul with tastes and melodies. Here, in the verdant Attiko Alsos park, overlooking inimitable Athens from its perch, feel the warmth of Greek hospitality, taste authentic Mediterranean cuisine, learn the art of making local delicacies, travel to the world of bread-making, from seed to freshly-baked scent, admire the ancient art of weaving, a creation of goddess Athena herself, view history through the production of flour using a preindustrial watermill. Then on to the festivities, watching skilled dancers and learning traditional steps under the watchful eye of experienced dance instructors. And just before the final farewell, raise a full-bodied glass of wine: to the joys of life. Opa!

Greek cuisine: the world’s tastiest and healthiest. Aroma and nutritional value-packed. Savor genuine souvlaki, uncover the secrets of the famed mousaka and surprise your friends back home with delicious homemade appetizers. Follow in the footsteps of bread-making, from grain to harvest, then grind the seeds in an authentic preindustrial Greek watermill and revel in the heavenly scent as it bakes in a traditional wood-burning oven. A journey of purity for your taste buds.

Be Greek for a day. Effusive. Admire the most talented traditional dancers of the famed "Dora Stratou" dance troupe, with their authentic costumes and zest for life. Join dancers and instructors in learning the manly "Zeimbekiko" and upbeat "Kalamatiano". Laugh with your heart; clap with enthusiasm; enjoy abundant Greek wine like Zorbas, the Greek who knew how to live, and even break plates, as the custom dictates.

A true taste of Greece!

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