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Valyra Community

Last Update: Apr 2003
Municipality's district consul VALYRA , ITHOMI , GREECE

Valyra Community - Overview

  Jeferemini changed its name to Valira on 4 November 1927. Its new name originated from Valira later called Mavrozoumena, the tributary river of Pamisos. Until then it was part of the prefecture of Mikromani. The school of the village opened in 1862 and the first teacher was Dionisios Kastoulidis.
  In 1839 Valira was the headquarters of the Derron municipality, which consisted of Valira and Skala. In 1840 the municipalities of Derron and Steniklaro were abolished and later incorporated in the municipality of Ihalia, which had already been established in 1835.
  Today Valira is the headquarters of the newly established Municipality of Ithome.
This text is cited April 2003 from the Municipality of Ithomi tourist pamphlet.

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