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Church of Panaghia (Holy Virgin) Koumbelidike

Last Update: Oct 2005
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Church of Panaghia (Holy Virgin) Koumbelidike - Photo Gallery

Church of Panaghia (Holy Virgin) Koumbelidike - Overview

  Triconch, domed church founded in the 10th century. The exonarthex is a later addition. Three layers of wall paintings are distinguished in the building: the earlier is dated to 1260-1280 and is preserved on the arches of the naos (except for the east) and on the walls of the esonarthex (except for the west). A more recent layer, dated to the 17th century, covers the east arm of the cross, the apse of the sanctuary, and the exonarthex.
  The church was bombed in the 1940's and the dome and several parts of the superstructure had collapsed. It was completely restored in the 1950's.

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