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Church of St. Stephen

Last Update: Oct 2005
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Church of St. Stephen - Photo Gallery

Church of St. Stephen - Overview

  Three-aisled basilica of the "Oriental" type, with a narthex and a gallery. The aisles and the narthex are covered with barrel-vaults but over the gallery the roof is semi-barrel vaulted. In the apse there is a synthronon (bench) with a bishop's cathedra in the middle. A small chapel dedicated to St. Anne is formend in the south section of the gallery.
  Two layers of the wall paintings of the church have been uncovered. The earlier, which dates from the end of the 9th or the beginning of the 10th century, covers the narthex, the side aisles, the middle aisle up to the height of the celestory, and part of the gallery. The second layer, dated to the end of the 12th century, is visible on the high celestory and the lower friezes of the pillars.
  The church has undergone several phases of restoration and protection work.

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