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Early Christian Basilica of Palaeopolis (Temporarily closed)

Last Update: Nov 2013

Basilica of Iovianos (5th century AD)

Archaeological site KANONI , KERKYRA , GREECE
Tel.: +30 26610 41369

Early Christian Basilica of Palaeopolis (Temporarily closed) - Overview

  Palaeopolis, the ancient city of Kerkyra, is located in the peninsula to the south of the modern city.
   Among the most important monuments of the site, is the 5th century AD basilica, built by the bishop Jovian on the ruins of a Roman odeum. It was destroyed several times: by the Vandals and Goths in the 6th century, by the Saracenes and the Normans in the 11th century, by the Turks in 1537 and, finally, in the Second World War. It was rebuilt twice: after its destruction in the 11th century, with three aisles and a narthex, and again, in 1680, by the Cretan monk Arsenios Caloudis.
   In 1968, all the Early Christian architectural parts, such as parapets and capitals, were stored in the Old Palace Museum (the contemporary Museum of Palaeopolis). The mosaics of the church were restored in 1960 and 1969.

Early Christian Basilica of Palaeopolis (Temporarily closed) - Map

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  • Archaeological service:, Tel.: 26610 48310, 26610 48120, Fax: 26610 47951
    21st Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities, Kerkyra

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