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Theopetra Cave

Last Update: Jul 2012
Caves, Cultural heritage, Archaeological site THEOPETRA , KALAMBAKA , GREECE
Tel.: +30 2310 410185 , Fax: +30 2310 410376
Opening hours:
01Jun - 31Oct Mon-Sun, 0800-1500
01Nov - 31May Mon-Sun, 0830-1500

Theopetra Cave - Overview

  The cave is located on the NE slope of the rocky limestone hill that overhangs the community of Theopetra. Its entrance is apsidal and large (17X3 m. approximately). The interior of the cave measures about 500 sq m. and small conches are formed in its periphery. The formation of the rock has been dated in the Upper Cretaceous period (137.000.000 - 65.000.000 years BP). The creation of the cave is consequently later than the above mentioned date.
  Human settlement in the cave begins in the Middle Paleolithic Period (ca. 100.000 BP) and continues without interruption until the end of the Neolithic Period (3000 BC). The archaeological finds include mainly stone and bone tools of the Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic Periods, artifacts made from marine shells and Neolithic pottery. The material remains of the prehistoric users of the cave comprise a valuable record for the transition from the Paleolithic hunter-gatherers stage to the Neolithic productive stage of agriculture.

Theopetra Cave - Map

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Ancient Cave • Middle Palaeolithic period, 200,000-35,000 BC • Upper Palaeolithic period, 35,000-10,000 BC • Neolithic period, 6500-3200 BC

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