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Archaeological Site of Megalopolis

Last Update: Jul 2012
Archaeological site, Cultural heritage MEGALOPOLI , ARCADIA , GREECE
Tel.: +30 27910 23275 , Fax: +30 27910 23275
Opening hours:
01Jun - 31Oct Mon-Sun, 0800-1500
01Nov - 31May Mon-Sun, 0830-1500

Archaeological Site of Megalopolis - Overview

  Megalopolis was founded in 371 B. C., after the cohabitation of different Arcadic hamlets with the aid of the Theban general Epameinondas. The town declined during the Late Roman period, while during the Middle Ages its inhabitants dispersed to nearby settlements.
  Excavations were conducted for the first time at the end of last century by the British Archaeological School at Athens. At that time they revealed the theatre , the Thersileion Bouleuterion and remains of the ancient Agora. In 1990 Profs. Lanter and Spyropoulos started new excavations at the ancient Agora. Special studies are already ready and restoration work is going to start at the area of the Ancient theatre.

  The most important monuments of the site are:
The ancient theatre of the 4th century B.C.
•The ancient Agora that includes the following excavated monuments: Temple of Zeus Soteros, Philippeian Stoa and part of Myropolidos Stoa.
• Remains of the walls.
• The Thersileion Bouleuterion.

Archaeological Site of Megalopolis - Map

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Ancient settlement • Classical period, 480-323 BC • Hellenistic period, 323-31 BC • Roman period, 31 BC-AD 324
Ancient monuments • Stoas / Classical period, 480-323 BC • Bouleuterion / Classical period, 480-323 BC • Theatre / Classical period, 480-323 BC • Temples / Classical period, 480-323 BC
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