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Archaeological Museum of Argostoli

Last Update: Nov 2013
Tel.: +30 26710 28300 , Fax: +30 26710 28349
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Opening hours:
01Jun - 31Oct Tue-Sun, 0900-1600
01Nov - 31May Tue-Sun, 0800-1500
Built: 1957, Renovated: 2000

Archaeological Museum of Argostoli - Photo Gallery

Archaeological Museum of Argostoli - Overview

   The museum houses antiquities from the island of Kephalonia, ranging from the prehistoric to the Roman periods. It also contains a remarkable collection of Mycenaean finds.
   The old museum was destroyed by the earthquakes of 1953 and the new one was built in 1960.
  The most important exhibits are:
  Mycenaean kylix. Conical, footed cup, decorated with cross-hatched triangles. It was found at the Mycenaean cemetery of Lakkithra and dates from the 12th century BC.
  Bronze fibula. The bow is shaped as a row of eight-figured loops. It was found at the Mycenaean cemetery of Diakata and dates from the 12th century BC.
  Large, two-handled krater. It has a low foot and is decorated with panelled motives between the handles. It was found at the cemetery of Diakata and dates from the 12th century BC.
  Gold necklace from the Mycenaean cemetery at Lakkithra. It is made of pairs of gold spirals and was found intentionally twisted. Dated to the 12th century BC.

Archaeological Museum of Argostoli - Map

Executives & Departments

  • Archaeological service:, Tel.: 26710 27546, Fax: 26710 28349, Email:  
    35th Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities, Argostoli

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Art & culture

Museum • Archaeological Museum
Visiting Information • Admission fee • Fixed hours
Museum exhibits • Weapons / Armour • Tools • Statues • Statuettes - Figurines • Reliefs • Pottery • Stelae / Funerary • Jewellery • Protomes • Grave offerings
Periods of the exhibits • Upper Palaeolithic period, 35,000-10,000 BC • Neolithic period, 6500-3200 BC • Bronze Age, 3200-1050 BC • Ancient historical times, 1050 BC- AD 324 • Early Byzantine period, AD 324-610

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