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Manos Faltaits Museum

Last Update: Oct 2010
(Est. 1964)
Viglatoria of Palaiopyrgos, 34007 SKYROS , SKYROS , GREECE
Tel.: +30 22220 91232, 91150 , Fax: +30 22220 91232, 91150

Manos Faltaits Museum - Overview

  Established in 1964, the Faltaits Museum was one of the first local historical - folk art museums. It was created by Manos Faltaits towards preserving the traditional Skyrian heritage and emphasising the importance of the Greek traditional culture for both the present and future generations.
  Housed in the residence of the "Faldai" family - a family whose roots go back to Byzantium - the museum dominates the north-eastern side of the town. It stands on the biggest tower, known locally as "Paleopyrgos", over the very ancient Pelasgian walls of Skyros.
  Rich in both myths and history, the museum has developed into one of the most well-endowed and best-organised folk art museums in Greece. It contains four separate collections:
  I. Numerous items of the traditional and contemporary folk art of Skyros, i.e. embroideries, costumes, ceramics, textiles, woodcarvings, metalwork, furniture and everyday-use items, etc.
  The "Skyrian House" is part of this collection, and is represented in one of the halls of the museum in its traditional form, including all the special woodwork for which the island is famous, such as the "boulme", the shelves, the "pagos" and the "stamnoustatis". All the decorative items typical of the Skyrian house are present: old ceramics, glass, embroideries, copper and bronze items, traditional furniture, etc.
  The collection also includes the traditional costumes of the island, reflecting the social structure and the aesthetics of the inhabitants.
  II. The library of the museum. Includes rare publications dating from the 16th to the 19th century, covering the "Greek Enlightenment" period, and picturing the cultural level and aims of Hellenism at that period. These books where collected under the guidance and care of the intellectual Dimitrios Faltaits, grandfather of Manos Faltaits.
  III. The rich collection of historical documents includes documents dating from the Byzantine era and the period of Turkish occupation, and documents relating to the time of the War of Independence. The latter include the Declaration of the War of Independence as issued by the "Filiki Etairia", and the only copy preserved of the repudiation of the revolution by the then Patriarch of Constantinople.
  IV. A unique collection of over 3000 objects and tools collected from all over Greece and representing its traditional economy.
  The items of the collection are displayed in dedicated roofed and partly roofed areas of the park of the museum, picturing the traditional trades and workshops of Greece.
  In these areas and in the park, which is full of trees and flowers, the museum organises model programs for learning traditional crafts and workshops. The programs combine teaching with actual practice.
  Conferences, meetings, and educational programs relevant to Greek culture and tradition are organised in the same grounds and premises, in co-operation with other institutions.

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