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Lighthouse Fykiotrypa

Last Update: Jun 2014
Traditional Greek lighthouses TSAMAKIA , MYTILINI , GREECE
(Est. 1880)

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Lighthouse Fykiotrypa - Overview

The Lighthouse Fykiotrypa is a typical sample of lighthouses, which are located at the North Aegean Sea and Mikra Asia area, one of the few preserved, constructed during the 1880’s, in order to make easier the approach to Mytilini port as well as the sail between Lesvos island and Mikra Asia.

It is a small building of 25 sq.m. that stands at the outer edge of the place where ancient Mytilene was, on an inclined rock and looks like a stranded rocky boat. The Lighthouse Fykiotrypa is a trademark of Mytilini, with unlimited view to the north, east and south. It’s an often theme to Mytilini card postal, it has been painted by Theofilos Chatzimichael and is a monument symbol for the island of Lesvos.

After the Civil War and until the middle of 1960’s, it housed the Sea scouts club of Mytilini. Since then, and because of national defense purposes, the lighthouse was turned under the authority of the Hellenic Army. For many years after 1974 it was used as a military outpost, until it was abandoned in the middle of 1980’s due to consistence problems of the building.

The lighthouse was recently repaired with the financial support of Secretariat General of Aegean & Islands Politic. It is a "green" building, power autonomous by using renewable power resources and collector of rainwater for cleanliness. The lighthouse was listed historical monument by the Ministry of Culture.

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