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Lighthouse Alexandroupoli

Last Update: Jun 2014
Traditional Greek lighthouses ALEXANDROUPOLI , EVROS , GREECE
(Est. 1880)

Lighthouse Alexandroupoli - Overview

The French Company of Lighthouses and Lamps of Meditteranean Sea built the lighthouse after a relevant contract with the Turkish Government. It isn’t known how long was the building procedure, however inaguarated and operated for first time on 1st June 1880. Then it was run by acetylene and later by petroleum. Since 1974 it works by electricity. Many repairs have been to the lighthouse’s building in years 1946 and 1955, and finally in 2002 the electric equipment was replaced by a new one of high technology.

The lighthouse is 18 meters high and its focal plane is 27 meters. Its characteristic is the three white flashes every 15" and has a luminescence that reaches to 24 nautical miles. It is operated under the supervision of Lighthouses Service and is one of few which is still supervised.

Lighthouse Alexandroupoli - Map

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