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Archaeological Collection of Lidoriki (Temporarily Closed)

Last Update: Dec 2016
(Est. 1994)
Tel.: +30 22660 22126 , Fax: +30 22660 22126

Archaeological Collection of Lidoriki (Temporarily Closed) - Overview

   The archaeological collection is housed in a traditional building which used to be the Primary School of Lidoriki. The building, donated by Andreas Syggros, was erected in 1912. Since 1994 it houses the local antiquities.
   The Museum hosts the finds from the excavation of ancient Kallipolis/Kallion, now inundated by the waters of the artificial lake of Mornos. Informative material including maps, photographs, plans and texts supplements the exhibits, providing a comprehensive picture about the historical topography and the monuments of the wider area of Kallion (eastern Aetolia).

   Among the most important exhibits of the museum are:
- Bronze statuette of a horse on a joining rectangular base. End of the 8th century BC.
- Clay sealings from the "House of the Archives", residence of the aristocracy of the ancient Kallipolis. With these sealings cities and public officers sealed the papyrus rolls of their correspondence. Among the most noteworthy are the seals that depict portraits of Hellenistic kings.
- Pottery from the "House of the Archives". End of the 3rd- beginning of the 2nd century BC.
- Decorative inlays of a wooden chest with incised pictorial representations. Hellenistic period.
- Terracotta statuette of winged Eros with guitar. Hellenistic period.
- Mosaic floor from a Late Roman bath, depicting two peacocks enframing a vessel of "kantharos" shape.

Executives & Departments

  • Archaeological service:, Tel.: 22650 82313, 22650 82346, Fax: 22650 82966
    Fokida Ephorate of Antiquities, Archaeological Museum of Delphi, 330 54 Delphi

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Museum exhibits • Household items • Mosaics • Statuettes - Figurines / Clay • Pottery • Seals
Periods of the exhibits • Hellenistic period, 323-31 BC • Roman period, 31 BC-AD 324 • Early Byzantine period, AD 324-610

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