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Archaeological Site of Dymokastro

Last Update: Jul 2012

Ellimokastro or Ellinokastro (ancient Elina)

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Archaeological Site of Dymokastro - Overview

  Dymokastro (or Ellinokastro) was a walled coastal settlement, on a limestone hillside which ends at the Ionian sea at the south end of the beach of Karavostasi, west of the village of Perdika. It is identified with the ancient Elina, a city that flourished from the Late Classical to the Roman times and was named after the Thesprotean tribe of Elinoi, that lived in the region. It is estimated that, during the period of its peak, the population of the city reached 6.000 residents.
  The 22.000m and of a 3.404m wall perimeter settlement, extends from the highest (226m) eastern top of the hill to the sea, with a maximum axis of 1.000m and mid-width 200m. The walls, reinforced by rectangular towers, date to the 4th century BC and enclose the relatively smooth surface on the top of the hill. In the Hellenistic period was added the west wall, in order to incorporate the little port into the fortified area. Throughout the settlement are visible foundations of buildings, some of which are hewn from the rock, as well as water tanks, while at the centre of the hilltop - at the "Acropolis A" - is formed an open space, around which were probably clustered the public buildings of the city.

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  • Archaeological service:, Tel.: 26650 29177, 26650 29178, Fax: 26650 25133, Email:  
    32nd Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities, Igoumenitsa

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