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Press Museum

Last Update: Mar 2002
Tel.: +30 2610 310488

Press Museum - Overview

  It operates since 1952 and its exhibitions include rare editions, newspapers since 1875, magazines from Patras and the Peloponnese, books and other documents of historic value.
  One of the most important articles of the Museum is the first formal document that the 3rd National Assembly of the Greeks sent to the first Prime Minister of Greece, Ioannis Capodistrias (1827), signed by all fighters.
  Remarkable, also, is the collection of books of the Museum. It consists of philological, literary and travel books, as well as editions (older and new) that refer to matters of Patras, the press, and journalism. Among the old editions are: Diodoros Sikeliotis (1604, in Latin) and Thoucidides "About Peloponnesian War" (1696, in Greek and Latin).
  The Press Museum is shielded in the Building of the Editors' Union, in Mezonos 20 street.

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