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Ancient Odeion of Patras

Last Update: Dec 2005
Archaeological site, Cultural heritage PATRAI , ACHAIA , GREECE
Tel.: +30 2610 276207

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Ancient Odeion of Patras - Overview

  It was built shortly before the Odeion of Herodes Atticus in Athens (161 A.D.) and is smaller than the Athenian monument. The cavea has four rows of seats in the lower section, and seven in the upper part, over the diazoma. The outer, tall wall of the stage (skene) has five entrances to the skene and the lateral buildings (paraskenia). Access to the proskenion is gained through two built stairways, one on the left and one on the right side. The orchestra is paved and separated from the cavea by a semicircular parapet. The Odeion was revealed in 1889 and until then it was completely covered with earth. Only restricted excavation has been carried out on the site.
   The monument was repaired and again dressed with marble slabs after World War II.
   Every summer the Odeion is employed for music concerts and theatrical performances.

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