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Monastery Anastasseos at Loutraki

Last Update: Sep 2009
(Est. 1834)
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Monastery Anastasseos at Loutraki - Overview

  In Loutraki, near the Health center, the Holy Cloister of Christ’s Resurrection dominates the surroundings. The cloister, which used to be a convent from 1930 until 1990, was erected in honor of a blessed icon of the Christ’s Resurrection with the engraving “1834 December 20”. It belonged to the founder and first confessor at the cloister, a Cretan gentleman, Mr. Kyros Ignadios Pedarakis.
  The sanctuary dedicated to the Christ’s Holy Resurrection, can be found in the interior, which is surrounded by protective stonework. Its architecture style is basilica with a double casted timbered roof. In the interior of the sanctuary are the unique ornamental wood-engraved temple and of Athos style chandelier.
  A number of exceptional icons dating back to the early century detailed in Mount Athos, are well preserved. Amongst them is the icon of Our Most Holy Lady Gorgoepikoou. Apart from the sanctuary in the cloister two more oratories can be found. One dedicated to our Lady Protector and the other dedicated to Saint Elefterios where sacred relics of the Saint are devoutly kept.
  On Easter day there is a glorious celebration, on Easter Monday a feast full mass in honor of Christ’s Resurrection.
  Since 1990 a brotherhood has been established that lives in obedience to Christ’s Rules, following the Holy Canons of monastic life, as they have been settled by the Fathers of the Church in compliance with Christ’s commands: “love Lord .... this is the prime command. Second to this, love thy neighbor as yourself”.

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