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Monastery of Agnous

Last Update: Sep 2009
(Est. 1200)

Monastery of Agnous - Overview

  It is the oldest monastery of Epidavros. It is located at the eastern limits of the municipality of Epidavros, next to the motorway Korinthos-Epidavros. The name of this monastery probably came from the Greek ancient word "agnous" meaning osier, a plant, that is plentiful in the local area and next to the lake. But there is another explanation about the name of the monastery, which takes precedence and a local muse is recorded, speaking about the local monasteries: "at Stiri supported, at Agnada watching, at Fanairomeni revealed and at the Cave hold it"
  According to the prevailing opinion, the temple is a building of the 11th century but the monastery pre-existed, without fail, in the Turkish age.
  The monastery is well guarded and is surrounded by high walls and powerful towers and small turrets. From the saved buildings we have a clear option of the four side-building group which rose up around the restricted internal guard. A double wooden door of 6-7cm thick supported by iron metal plates secures the main entrance. The rhythm of the temple is complicated internally. It is royalty style, with dome and outdoor looks cross-formed. Is a mixture of the royal style with dome and Byzantine architecture.
  The most important factor is that all the icons are in fine condition. It is believed that these icons are from circa 1250 AD. Finally the retable of the temple is 300 years old.

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