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Frangocastello of Sfakia

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Castles & Fortresses, Cultural heritage FRANGOKASTELLO , SFAKIA , GREECE
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  The Venetian fortress was erected by the rulers of the island in 1371, in order to protect the small bay from the pirates. However it was barely used for defensive purposes during the Venetian era and on the eve of the Turkish attack, it was actually abandoned. In 1828 the Cretan rebels occupied the fortress and during the siege that followed, its towers were destroyed.
  The fortified castle is a typical example of the Venetian defence architecture with a rectangular shape with towers on each side. Over the gate, one sees a relief with the Lion of St Marcus and the Venetian crowns. The buildings in the interior, as well as the battlements, were constructed during the ottoman occupation; at the same time many repairs were carried out. Underneath the fortress, there are the ruins of the church of St Marcus.
  According to tradition, during the second half of May and with a specific weather, shadows of the armed cretan warriors, who lost their lives there, seem to march towards the fortress. The locals call them "Drosoulites". Near the fortress, is the church of St Niketas of 1371, where there are traces of an Early Christian basilica. The works of restoration and consolidation were carried out by the 13th Ephorate οf Byzantine Antiquities.

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