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Archaeological Site of Anastasioupolis-Peritheorio

Last Update: Aug 2009
Archaeological site, Byzantine & Post-Byzantine Monuments AMAXADES , KOMOTINI , GREECE
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Archaeological Site of Anastasioupolis-Peritheorio - Overview

  The archaeological site of Anastasioupolis-Peritheorion is located at the far end of Lake Vistonis, at the site called "Kaledes", on the old road from Xanthi to Komotini (via Iasmos).

  It was a station on the Via Egnatia and a port at the far end of the lake. The polygonal fortification wall is reinforced with rectangular and circular towers. The central arched gateway on the south side led to the harbour. Monograms of the Palaeologoi and IC-XC-NI-KA can be seen on the surface of the towers and on the large gateway. To emperor Justinian I are attributed the repair of the coastal wall and the construction of a long wall, which was used both as a defensive structure that blocked the Via Egnatia and as an aqueduct which carried water from Rhodopi to the city.

  In this area, at the beginning of the 14th century, an historic battle was fought, the result of which was the disbanding of the Catalan Company.

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Settlement • Byzantine period, AD 324-1453
Castle • Late Byzantine period, AD 1204-1453 • Ottoman period, 1453-1821

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