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NEORIO (POR), Settlement, POROS




  Neorio is the Greek word for Shipyard, because of the shipyard that existed in the area during the 18th century. The settlement is situated at the southwestern part of Kalavria, amongst the pine tree forest. It was a favorite resort for the Athenians during this century and many villas were built. Many people of culture passed their summers here, such as the poet George Seferis and the author Henry Miller.
  Today it is a small, elegant and quiet tourist resort, with several tavernas, a supermarket and gift shop around the sandy beach. Watersports and parachuting are available. Near Neorio there is the area of the Love Bay, a sandy cove with crystal waters, where the pine trees hang over the sea and the Russian Naval Station, with ruins of the shipyards.
This text (extract) is cited December 2003 from the Galata & Poros Rented Apts & Rooms Association tourist pamphlet.

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Geographical Data

Type of location: Beach, Beaches under Ministry of Environment Inspection
Other Names: MEGALO NEORIO (Known as:)
Postal Code: 18020
Tel +30 22980
Altitude: 20 meters
Longitude: 23o 26' 28.5" E
Latitude: 37o 30' 51.06" N

Geographical Boundaries

NEORIO (Settlement) Northwest of POROS (Port, Town hall)
POROS (Port, Town hall) belongs to POROS (Island)
POROS (Island) belongs to TRIZINIA PROVINCE (Province)
TRIZINIA PROVINCE (Province) belongs to PIRAEUS (Prefectural seat)
PIRAEUS (Prefectural seat) belongs to ATTIKI (Region)
ATTIKI (Region) belongs to GREECE (Country)

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