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Mesta lies southwest of the town of Chios, 35 kilometers away, in the area of Mastihohoria (meaning the "mastic villages"). It is a perfectly preserved castle village dated to the medieval period. The houses were built one right next to the other, thereby creating a protective wall surrounding the village. The open-hearted and kind people of Mesta still preserve the traditions of the 14th century village. The village's most important custom takes place during the carnival festivities where the "Aghas" trials, a satirical replica of the trials that used to take place under the Turkish Occupation, are presented. There are two routes that visitors may choose in order to come to Mesta.
•From Chios, the road leading to Armolia, Pyrgi, and Olympi also continues onward to Mesta. This route is the easiest and fastest.
•From Chios, the road leading to Aghios Georghios, Vessa, and Elata also leads to Mesta. Thus Mesta is a crossroad by which visitors are afforded access to the majority of the noteworthy sites of the central and southern portions of the island of Chios.

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Population Census

Year Population
1991 375
1981 487

Geographical Data

Type of location: Listed traditional settlement, Bay, Municipal district, Medieval settlement
Postal Code: 82102
Tel +30 22710
Altitude: 95 meters
Longitude: 25o 55' 22.5" E
Latitude: 38o 15' 38.09" N

35 Kilometers Northeast (NE) the capital of the island CHIOS, Town, NORTH AEGEAN , GREECE

Geographical Boundaries

MESTA (Village ) 11 km   West Northwest of PYRGI (Small town, Town hall)>
PYRGI (Small town, Town hall) belongs to MASTICHOCHORIA (Municipality)
MASTICHOCHORIA (Municipality) belongs to CHIOS (Island)
CHIOS (Island) belongs to CHIOS (Prefecture)
CHIOS (Prefecture) belongs to NORTH AEGEAN (Region)
NORTH AEGEAN (Region) belongs to GREECE (Country)

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