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  Apsalos, with 1054 residents, is found in a distance of 11 kilometres from Aridea, in the road to the Edessa and Thessalonica.
  Built in the entry of province of Almopia, it is the first municipal department that the visitor meet coming from Thessalonica and Edessa.
  The history of Apsalos is lost in depths of centuries. According to the Claudius the Ptolemaist (geographer of 2nd century ) Apsalos is considered as one of the ancient cities of Almopia with Orma, Evropos (Aloros) Ancient Apsalos is related with the ancient settlement that is found in the road Apsalos - Polikarpi, next to the sources of waters.
  The Christian residents of the village came in the period of 1922-34 after the mikrasiatiki(Asia Minor) destruction and the exchange of populations. They were inhabitants from Pontos, Thraces and Mjkrasja'tes. In 1945 also came some families vlaxoi.
  The native of the Pont residents emigrated from the region of Hatzi' Osma'n of Nikomidia, Ak Tag Mate'n province of Ankara and Mpoylga'r Mate'n (mine of Bull) southern Turkey. Also exist a few families of Pont's inhabitants that came from the region of Trapezoyntas and Tohouz.

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Geographical Data

Type of location: Wetland, Ancient city
Postal Code: 58400
Tel +30 23840
Altitude: 150 meters
Longitude: 22o 03' 26.03" E
Latitude: 40o 53' 29.52" N

Population Census

Year Population
1991 1254
1981 1277

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