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ARGILOS (NKS), Ancient city, SERRES



  Founded by the Andrian colonists, west of the estuary of the Styrmon River in the Archaic period (654 BC), it appears active until the Hellenistic times after which it declined due to the great radiance of neighbouring Amphipolis. The excavations of the recent years uncovered parts of a defensive enceinte, private houses, public buildings and roads of the Archaic and Hellenistic city remarkably well preserved. Two important tombs of Macedonian type have also been brought to light, as well as clusters of rectangular tombs of the Classical and Hellenistic period.
This text (extract) is cited August 2003 from the Prefecture of Serres tourist pamphlet.

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Geographical Data

Other Names: ARGYLOS (Alternative)
Postal Code: 62052
Tel +30 23220

The city founded by settles of:
(7th century BC) ANDROS, Island, KYKLADES , GREECE

Belonged to:
(5th century BC) VISSALTIA, Ancient area, SERRES , GREECE

Geographical Boundaries

ARGILOS (Ancient city)    Southwest of SYKIA (Settlement)
SYKIA (Settlement )   West Southwest of NEA KERDYLIA (Port)>
NEA KERDYLIA (Port) belongs to AMFIPOLI (Municipality)
AMFIPOLI (Municipality) belongs to FILIDA (Province)
FILIDA (Province) belongs to SERRES (Prefecture)
SERRES (Prefecture) belongs to MAKEDONIA CENTRAL (Region)
MAKEDONIA CENTRAL (Region) belongs to GREECE (Country)

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