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ARTAKI (KL1), Ancient city, TURKEY

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Geographical Data

Type of location: Peninsula, Ancient city
Other Names: ARTACE (Bibliography)

Refugees from the place inhabited the town:

Belonged to:
FRYGIA, Ancient country, TURKEY

The city founded by settles of:
(7th century BC) MILITOS, Ancient city, TURKEY

Located at/in/on:
South (S) coastline of: PROPONTIS, Sea, TURKEY

Was located:
West (W) near the: KYZIKOS, Ancient city, TURKEY

Geographical Boundaries

ARTAKI (Ancient city) located within the area of ERDEK (Town)
ERDEK (Town) belongs to ERDEK (District)
ERDEK (District) belongs to BALIKESIR (Province)
BALIKESIR (Province) belongs to MARMARA (Region)
MARMARA (Region) belongs to TURKEY (Country)

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