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  Kambos («Plain») is a flat land that streches, along the east coast of the island of Chios, about 10 Km long and 2 Km wide. The low mountains that surround it from the west are the source of its underground waters; what makes Kambos an endless garden with flowers and citrous trees, very close to the capital of Chios.
  Kambos represents a unique, both residential and agriculturar site, situated in a very critical area of Greece and Europe, in general. It consists of about 200 ectares, all surrounded by high, artistic fences.
  Every mansion of an estate is considered as an exquisite masterpiece with it’s exeptional original architecture.
  These mansions , as well as the side buildings, the stoney pared courtyards, the wheel-wells, the citrous gardens and the intriciate irrigation systems of those estates, all are regarded to as of great historical significance throughout the centuries.
  They also inform us of all the political, financial and cultural activities going on in Chios from the 14th century up to now. The local aristocrats and the Genoan colonists were the first who built towers in the gardens, around the 14th century. Later, through the 17-19 century, these towers were turned into cottage houses of the rich traders of Chios.
  The roads of Kambos are narrow, secluded by high fences; they protect the trees out of dust and the wind and they also help preserve the privacy of the tenants.
  In every estate, the arched doorway with the heavy wooden leaves opens to the courtyard. This one is usually paved with stones in a design, with trees and flowers all around, not forgetting the traditional cistern and the well in it.
  The typical mansion of Kambos is tow-stored with a huge murbled staircase. The first floor was used as the stonehouse while the main rooms were all on the second floor; there the view goes all the way over the trees.
  Kambos has recently been proclaimed by the Greek Ministry of Culture as a historical site and a number of restoration works has been done both by citizens and the Public Authorities.
   The Municipality of Chios has already restored «Mavrocordatiko» an old estate in the centre of the area. Many of those mansions are now working as hostels, because Kambos attracts so many tourists not only in the summer but in the spring too, when trees and flowers all blossom.
This text is cited June 2003 from the Municipality of Chios URL below, which contains images.

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Type of location: Listed traditional settlement
Postal Code: 82100
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