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PARGA, Municipality, EPIRUS

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PARGA Municipality EPIRUS


  The Municipality of Parga belongs to the prefecture of Preveza and is situated in north west Epirus, near the Acheron river, Igoumenitsa and faces the picturesque islands of Paxos and Antipaxos. The capital of the municipality is in the city of Parga, where most activities are take place. It is the administrative, economic commercial and cultural center of the district. Beyond the town of Parga within a range of 4 - 5 Km, many facilities for the satisfaction of visitors' needs exist. These are mainly: hotels, lodges, restaurants, clubs, etc. This small town is considered as a respectable tourist center of Epirus. Its infrastructure can satisfy a large influx of visitors during peak season. Parga with her port and olive plantations A view from the top of the castle of Parga is built on the edge of the Venetian Castle. Was definitely influenced by the architecture of the Ionian Islands. One can distinguish old "archondika" (traditional mansions), traditional narrow roads (kantounia) and alleys flooded with color. This beauty is distinct and attracts visitors from Greece and abroad. Parga became a prefecture in 1947 and was declared a tourist region in 1962. Today the Municipality consists of the districts of: Anthousa, Agia, Livadari and boarders with the community of Perdika and the Municipality of Margariti.
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Population Census

Year Population
1991 3569

Geographical Data

Type of location: Beaches under Ministry of Environment Inspection
Postal Code: 48060
Tel +30 26840
Longitude: 20o 22' 37.21" E
Latitude: 39o 18' 39.98" N

The town hall located in:

North & East (N & E) with: MARGARITI, Municipality, THESPROTIA , GREECE
Northwest (NW) with: PERDIKA, Community, THESPROTIA , GREECE

Is washed (by):
West (W) from: IONIAN SEA, Open sea (pelagos), GREECE

Located at/in/on:
Northwest (NW) edge of: PREVEZA, Prefecture, EPIRUS , GREECE

Geographical Boundaries

PARGA (Municipality) belongs to NIKOPOLI & PARGA (Province)
NIKOPOLI & PARGA (Province) belongs to PREVEZA (Prefecture)
PREVEZA (Prefecture) belongs to EPIRUS (Region)
EPIRUS (Region) belongs to GREECE (Country)

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