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The Castle of New Epidavros

The natural fortification offered security from invasions by pirates and from neighboring enemy hordes and later on from military units. In the Byzantine age supporting work was undergone on the castle to improve the wall construction. Afterwards, in circa 1205 AD, the Franks had control of the area. Then between 1463 and 1467 AD, the castle fell into the hands of Enetous. In the castle there were three churches, one to saint Theodosiou, one to The Madonna, and one to saint Ioannis of Theologou but only the last survives to this day.

Gorges & Ravines

Gorge of Vothila

In New Epidavros there is one of the most beautiful gorges of all Argolida, Vothila Gorge as it is called, a green paradise surrounded from two rocky mountains.

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