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Euthymus, (Euthumos), a hero of Locri in Italy, was a son of Astycles or of the river-god Caecinus. He was famous for his strength and skill in boxing, and delivered the town of Temessa from the evil spirit Polites, to whom a fair maiden was sacrificed every year. Euthymus himself disappeared at an advanced age in the river Caecinus. (Strab. vi.; Aelian, V. H. viii. 18 ; Eustath. ad Hom.) He gained several victories at Olympia (01. 74, 76, and 77); and a statue of his at Olympia was the work of Pythagoras. (Paus. vi. 6.2, 10.2.)


Agesidamus (Agesidamos), son of Archestratus, an Epizephyrian Locrian, who conquered, when a boy in boxing in the Olympic games. His victory is celebrated by Pindar in the 10th and 11th Olympic odes. The scholiast places his victory in the 74th Olympiad. He should not be confounded with Agesidamus, the father of Chromius, who is mentioned in the Nemean odes. (i. 42, ix. 99.)

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