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A port of Corinth, battle at.



The beginning of the seaboard on the two sides (of Corinth) is, on the one side, Lechaeum, and, on the other, Cenchreae, a village and a harbor distant about seventy stadia from Corinth. Now this latter they use for the trade from Asia, but Lechaeum for that from Italy. Lechaeum lies beneath the city, and does not contain many residences; but long walls about twelve stadia in length have been built on both sides of the road that leads to Lechaeum. The shore that extends from here to Pagae in Megaris is washed by the Corinthian Gulf; it is concave, and with the shore on the other side, at Schoenus, which is near Cenchreae, it forms the "Diolcus.(Strabo 8.6.22)


Agesilaus conquers Lechaeum

In 390 B.C., Agesilaus conquered Lechaeum, whence he could watch the moves of all the Peloponnesians (Xenoph. Agesil. 2,17).

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